Suggestions for PDF viewer and editor

I’ve been using the PDF viewer and editor to complete assignments and notes, and I have a few suggestions.

Currently, drawn annotations all seem to be saved as one big image that is set the moment you leave the tab. If, for example, I draw a note at the top of the page, then another at the bottom, and I go to change my music in a different tab, returning to the PDF renders the entire page under one annotation. This is exceedingly inconvenient if I realize I want to make an annotation in the middle of the page.

Furthermore, this makes removing annotations a big pain point. If I realize I made a typo in an annotation that’s already been set, I have no choice but to remove the entire annotation, which may include completely separate text, and do it all from scratch. Like other PDF editing software, it makes far more sense for each individual stroke to be a separate entity, and to have an eraser tool that is able to remove individual strokes from the page. This would make creating annotations far more seamless and painless.

Edit: the way Excalidraw does drawn annotations is very in-line with how I feel this could be more effectively implemented.