Suggestions: Smaller icons for shorter tab lists and hover-over info instead of pop-out

As it stands, I want to love Tab Center so much. However, every time I get too close to the sidebar, it pops open, even if that was not my intent. It happens a lot when trying to go for the back button, like those pesky ads that like to pop up right where you’re trying to click something. I always end up hitting the “new tab” button when it pops out. It would be nice to have the ability to toggle the pop-out on/off (I don’t mean having it permanently open, I mean having it permanently closed instead of opening when you bring the cursor over it). When it’s off, just hovering over the icons would give you a little box by the cursor to tell you the tab info.

Another thing is when you have over a certain amount of tabs open (for me, it’s 12) the icons will switch to smaller icons instead of page views. I would love the ability to toggle this on/off regardless of how many tabs are open. I prefer the look of the smaller tabs, and coupled with the above suggestion, this creates a nice amount of screen space for whatever content I am viewing without tabs intruding unexpectedly.

A final suggestion (to add to this as well as the normal tab view) is to add a Duplicate Tab option when right clicking a tab.

Hey AS,

If you set it to be permanently open, you can drag to resize it to a mostly-closed state, which might be close to what you want. (Also, if you drag it small enough, it will resize the thumbnails down to favicons. :slight_smile:)

Thanks for the comment!

Ahhh, I couldn’t find that feature listed anywhere so I assumed it wasn’t available. Thanks! It looks so much better for how I like to have things set up. I would still love a duplicate tab option upon right-click as most users aren’t aware of the ctrl-click on the reload button. Thanks again for your help!

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