[SUMO and Firefox Reality] Community Opens :) Demo Oct 2, 2018

(Rmcguigan) #1

Hey folks,

You may have noticed a new product tile in the knowledge base and maybe a forum? Surprise!

‘’‘Firefox Reality’’’ is a browser for your WebVR standalone devices and is out in the market. (This may be old news to the L10n and Knowledge Base contributors).

If you are interested in learning more about the features of the new browser, try these first few steps:

  • Obtain a standalone device or check to see if your mobile device is compatible as a Daydream or Google Cardboard (unless you have access to an Oculus Go or Vive).
  • Download Firefox Reality from the device’s app store (restart the device if required).
  • Open Firefox Reality and check out the home page.

‘‘Please take caution while using WebVR devices, objects around you may not appear in what you can see.’’

‘’‘Have Questions? ‘’’

‘’‘The Community Meeting on October 2, 2018 will have a demo’’’. Nancy Hang, Lars, and Andrew will be attending to answer questions about the new product and will be excited to meet you.

Can’t make it? Submit your questions here in this thread!!
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(Rmcguigan) #2

This might make you excited: this is a demo done by the team at Mozilla:

(Rmcguigan) #3

Just in case you missed it the demo was also shared on Reddit and on Twitter.

Tomorrow we have another opportunity to ask questions to a Senior Engineer Program Manager working on Firefox Reality to tell us more about the different ways she likes to browse with Reality, some of the new features coming out, as well as the best devices to enjoy the browsing experience on the supported 3D headsets.

Last week’s recording: https://youtu.be/0YBtdsOBZmA?t=838
This week’s live meeting: https://bit.ly/2C3h2bj