SUMO Week, Do you have plans November 14-21?

(Rmcguigan) #1

‘’‘SUMO WEEK is Coming!!’’’

In 8 days we are having another SUMO Social and Support Forum day in celebration of the Firefox 57, the one, the only Quantum. The launch is happening November 14. We will be awake at 5am PST on the day of the launch, which happens at 6:00AM PST <3 (

:tada::tada: TAH DAH!:balloon::confetti_ball:
We are proud to present you Quantum, Firefox 57.

It is Fast, Fast Fast!
I am here to invite you to a SUMO WEEK. Yes you heard it, all week. We would love your company and participation any time that day to answer and support our Mozilla users that come to the forums and in social support.

SUMO days are a great way to meet other contributors and work together to find the early issues that come during the first week of a release.

Last month we had some amazing help from 45 of you, it is amazing how much we are growing. I am expecting there to be even more. This release is big, the biggest of the year. So feel free to invite your friends. We have great material for beginners ready:

And remember, this time we have stickers for the top contributors and new users that have never participated in a SUMO day before. I like to put them on my laptop, so people ask me ‘What is sumo?’ (Sometimes followed by, “There is no way that you are a sumo wrestler?” ) :wink:

Reach out anytime, love to see your names online! Thank you for all your support!

Sign up today in the etherpad:


Feedback for all sumo days:

(Michal Stanke) #2


I probably won’t have time for any dedicated contribution, but I will do my best to triage and answer in the social support program, as usual, and of course help if someone from the local community won’t know the answer on the Czech SUMO forum.