Support for Mozilla Firefox Multi-Account Containers 4.1.0

Since 5.0.1 was released (2018-01-09), should I use for a bug with 4.1.0?

Or will all 4.1.0 bugs be WONTFIX?

Here’s the issue, in a nutshell:

When used in a multi-window environment:

  • the extension seems to work, to recognise contained content, with only one window (the one in which the button is clicked).

Is that by design? Or a bug?

(I don’t find the limitation with Conex.)

No plans to support users on old versions, why would you do that?
6.0.0 just got released yesterday too.

Is that by design? Or a bug?

Calculations are window based currently by design.

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Waterfox :grinning:

OK, thanks. Now I remember why I set aside a different pair of shots:

So, not a bug.