Support for request blocking in the devtools

Hello everyone,
I’m currently trying Firefox as my go to browser after seeing all the cool stuff you guys have been shipping in the devtools lately.
I’ve currently seen only one missing feature that prevents me from being as productive as the chrome devtools.
It’s request blocking baked in the tools. I know there are add-ons but it’s not the same experience.
I’d like to be able to right click on a request in the network panel and block that particular domain/url, or with glob patterns.

Thanks for your work, keep it up.

Thanks for the comment!

I agree, this would be great feature. Reported here:


@dotlouis would you expect that the blocking persists even when devtools is closed or is your use case solved when blocking only works when the tools are open?

Only when Dev tools are opened. The goal is to help with debugging a website when requests do not go through.

This could also be useful for being able to work through errant code sending too many requests

Note this appears to have been implemented, but its not truly blocking the requests.
the servers still gets it. but firefox captures the response and pretend it was never sent.
if you need your testing to prevent the server from getting the request, then you’ll need an extension, or stick with chrome for the time being.
tested with firefox 100 on Ubuntu Linux, July 21, 2022

Thanks for mentioning this. That limitation seems tracked on Bugzilla at (in case folks want to comment/vote for the bug and make it more visible)