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This is the support and feedback thread for Live Stream Notifier.

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Plugin fails to open a hosted channel on twitch.tv through livestreamer, because it tries to open with a link to channel that is hosting rather than the one being hosted. It works when plugin opens a tab to original channel, because twitch.tv automatically redirects to the channel being hosted.

That is known and “correct” behavior for right now, since livstreamer decided not to follow hosting redirects. I hope to correct the channel the extension gives to livestreamer by the next version, however since I don’t have a complete plan on how to solve it I can’t promise it yet. See also https://github.com/freaktechnik/justintv-stream-notifications/issues/118.

My personal work-around is to search the channel in the explore tab and open it with livestreamer from there.

Thanks for the report!

Is it possible to import list of followed channels?

I was forced to reinstall windows. Mozilla sync service installed Live Stream Notifier automatically to new windows instance but my channels list is empty now.

Can I import somehow my old list or manually copy from old files? I have Windows.OLD stored with all previous settings but i cant find where this list is saved.

Hi Tjay

Sadly it is not yet possible to have the data of the extension backed up, especially not if you don’t have access to the running version anymore.

If you could get your old profile running again, you can export a list of all channels by shift + clicking on the help button in the channels manager, however there is currently no way to import that.

If you follow channels on the platforms with a user profile, you can just re-add that profile/user to get all of them back.

Shift + Help click does nothing for me :frowning: but anyway its not the solution for a problem. Even if this export works it gives me nothing if I cant import it back. I have to manually add all channels one by one.

And I dont use user account to copy followed channels either. Main reason im using this addon is that I dont need to really follow anything on twitch or hitbox. Its clean and easy way to see who is live without using real account or maibox and avoiding all that spamfest from those portals :slight_smile:

So, even without import feature its still fantastic for me. Keep up good work, and maybe backup and import option in the future updates :wink:

Exporting list

@TJay I hope you enjoy the new import & export system in 3.5.0 :smiley:

Even I have been facing this issue intermittently.
Re starting the service worked out for me ad resolved the problem

I currently have a problem where in it seems like the extension can’t connect to twitch at all.
I can’t add twitch channel or users to the list. Also the explore tab can’t find anything under Twitch either.

That sounds likely. Twitch has started enforcing new authentication on their API. The extension currently operates completely unauthenticated (i.e. you can use it without connecting it to your Twitch account). To fix it I’d have to add this capability which I currently neither have time nor motivation for.

Same thing with Youtube and Smashcast under the explore tab

YouTube has intermittent issues with the API rate limit for the application being reached.

I’m not sure about smashcast, haven’t looked at it in ages, thanks for the tip.

I’m having the same issue. Not loading any twitch channels at the moment.

It appears to be working again.

Yes, until May 11th, when Twitch is saying the changes to the API will stick.

Does this mean all similar add-ons will stop working if not updated?

If similar extensions do not require you to authenticate with Twitch - possibly. It’s only the latest API version that is requiring OAuth. The bad news is that if they don’t require you to log in and keep working it means they’ll stop working toward the end of the year.

EDIT: depending on the API version they use they may also stop working, even if they require you to log in toward the end of the year.

That’s unfortunate. Hopefully you’ll find some time to update. I’ve tried all similar add-ons and this is the best one.

Thank you for the endorsement. I will try to remember to post here if I get around to fixing it. (Obviously you’d get the update if you keep it installed and a new tab would let you know. You could just hide the button in the mean time, so it doesn’t take up real estate, but I understand if you uninstall while it’s not working. Note that uninstalling may lead to losing your channel list.)

EDIT: I’m also keeping https://github.com/freaktechnik/justintv-stream-notifications/issues/537 up to date with possibly more nitty gritty. I’ll lock the issue down if it gets too noisy…

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Currently I have a problem where despite how it has all the people I’m following on the list, it won’t show some of them when I click on the extension’s icon