[Support] Replace

(erosman) #1

Please post your support questions about Replace here.

Thank you

(Aldi Dwi Ferdian) #2

Can u add feature like this , float add on

and can u add support for editing HTML in a editable textarea or similar
Thanks for your help :blush:

(erosman) #3

OK… I have added the support to replace text in textarea and other editable elements.
I am testing it a bit more and will upload the new version tomorrow.

Note: Some sites (like w3schools.com) display their editable content in an iframe and that causes a whole lot of complications so Replace wont work there.

(Aldi Dwi Ferdian) #4

Oke, thanks bro, i just use it for blogger.com :slight_smile:

(erosman) #5

I don’t have blogger account to test it but v1.1 has been uploaded.

(Aldi Dwi Ferdian) #6

You are working very well, its work for me, do i have to write a review this plugin on addon mozilla?

(erosman) #7

Good reviews are always welcomed :slight_smile:

(erosman) #8

@aldi7id I have made a new extension Edit which has a lot of editing features, in case that is useful to you.

(Aldi Dwi Ferdian) #9

I had installed this add on and try this add on and this is useful for me :blush: , Thanks very much, i hope u have best day :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure this is not the right place for a request, but i landed here searching for a replacement for FindBar Tweak…
I would be good to have an addon to search for text as i start typing with the regular findbar and that would only close upon another action (such as a mouse click).

(erosman) #11

No problem… if it is a feature that can be added, it is worth talking about

Sadly, the WebExtension API does not allow alteration to the built-in FIND.


so, i suppose that using the built-in FIND bar + “search for text as i start typing” feature, there is also no way to keep the findbar open in order to find the “next” result (if there’s more than one)… :(, right?

(erosman) #13

FIND bar changes are up to Firefox and it may change with new versions.

It is possible to keep the text highlighted and search for a new text but I am not sure if that was the intension or a glitch. :wink:


How about allowing us to replace line breaks? When I put just a line break in “Find”, nothing happens. Need that functionality to replace an addon I used to use for my job.

(erosman) #15

Have you tried the Regular Expression?

(Max F) #16

Some questions:
Is it possible to search and therefore select multiple parts of a text on a page?
Is it then possible to copy all of the selected passages at once?

Also i just want to make sure: Does this support regular expression searches?

(erosman) #17

The Replace looks for ALL text and replace. It is not looking for selected text.
You can try Edit that deals with selected text only.

It doesn’t have a function to copy any selection

yes… it does

(Hepha CHENG) #18

Is it No User Option at the moment normal?
OS linux
Firefox 59.0a1 (2017-12-19) (64 bit)

(erosman) #19

Yes… I created the Option document for future if there is a need to add user preferences. At the moment, there is no need for user preferences. There is also Help & About.

(Ruebyc) #20

Is there any way to shorten the amount of time the popup window displays when it does a search and finds no matches? It stays up for an awful long time, and it is annoying to have to go down and dismiss the popup each time. Otherwise, its working very well, very handy!