[Support] Replace

(erosman) #1

Please post your support questions about Replace here.

Thank you

(Aldi Dwi Ferdian) #2

Can u add feature like this , float add on

and can u add support for editing HTML in a editable textarea or similar
Thanks for your help :blush:

(erosman) #3

OK… I have added the support to replace text in textarea and other editable elements.
I am testing it a bit more and will upload the new version tomorrow.

Note: Some sites (like w3schools.com) display their editable content in an iframe and that causes a whole lot of complications so Replace wont work there.

(Aldi Dwi Ferdian) #4

Oke, thanks bro, i just use it for blogger.com :slight_smile:

(erosman) #5

I don’t have blogger account to test it but v1.1 has been uploaded.

(Aldi Dwi Ferdian) #6

You are working very well, its work for me, do i have to write a review this plugin on addon mozilla?

(erosman) #7

Good reviews are always welcomed :slight_smile:

(erosman) #8

@aldi7id I have made a new extension Edit which has a lot of editing features, in case that is useful to you.

(Aldi Dwi Ferdian) #9

I had installed this add on and try this add on and this is useful for me :blush: , Thanks very much, i hope u have best day :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure this is not the right place for a request, but i landed here searching for a replacement for FindBar Tweak…
I would be good to have an addon to search for text as i start typing with the regular findbar and that would only close upon another action (such as a mouse click).

(erosman) #11

No problem… if it is a feature that can be added, it is worth talking about

Sadly, the WebExtension API does not allow alteration to the built-in FIND.


so, i suppose that using the built-in FIND bar + “search for text as i start typing” feature, there is also no way to keep the findbar open in order to find the “next” result (if there’s more than one)… :(, right?

(erosman) #13

FIND bar changes are up to Firefox and it may change with new versions.

It is possible to keep the text highlighted and search for a new text but I am not sure if that was the intension or a glitch. :wink:


How about allowing us to replace line breaks? When I put just a line break in “Find”, nothing happens. Need that functionality to replace an addon I used to use for my job.

(erosman) #15

Have you tried the Regular Expression?

(Max F) #16

Some questions:
Is it possible to search and therefore select multiple parts of a text on a page?
Is it then possible to copy all of the selected passages at once?

Also i just want to make sure: Does this support regular expression searches?

(erosman) #17

The Replace looks for ALL text and replace. It is not looking for selected text.
You can try Edit that deals with selected text only.

It doesn’t have a function to copy any selection

yes… it does

(Hepha CHENG) #18

Is it No User Option at the moment normal?
OS linux
Firefox 59.0a1 (2017-12-19) (64 bit)

(erosman) #19

Yes… I created the Option document for future if there is a need to add user preferences. At the moment, there is no need for user preferences. There is also Help & About.