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(gwarser) #446

No https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Why-don’t-you-accept-donations%3F

(gwarser) #447

One more about:config preference to disable in Firefox for pre-fetching browser.urlbar.speculativeConnect.enabled

(Az) #448

detected & blocked by jazzradio

(5cb 1ksb7e7rrvbd) #449

the reason why i use firefox is that it used to have superior adblocking capabilites compared to chrome (could block some ads that chrome cant and lower overhead through adblocking)
will this still be the case when in firefox 57 ublockO will be an webext ?
or will chrome have the same (or even better) adblocking capabilities as firefox ?


(Eric Jung) #450

There already is a WebExtension version of uBlockOrigin. Seems to work well for me.

(Raymond Hill) #452

Submit cases of unblocked ads to filter list maintainers:

(Raymond Hill) #453


mancharealviva.com##script:inject(abort-on-property-write.js, document.oncontextmenu)

(5cb 1ksb7e7rrvbd) #454

Thanks alot for your answer and time Gorhill.
Another question: if using ublock origin how does microsoft edge fare compared to chrome and firefox in terms of adblocking capabilities and performance ?

(Eugene) #455

Hi! Ublock breaks the structure of some sites. Like: love.ua, www.facenews.ua, kolobok.ua
Check please and fix problem. Thanks )

(Makey Ju) #456

First of all, thank you for this wonderful add-on, it really is a life-saver!
Second, how can I enable annotations on Youtube? I can only find how to delete it, not turn it on. Do I need to add some kind of rule?

(MV10) #457

UBO seems to break middle-button clicks to open in new tab running latest public-release Chrome on Win10. I don’t run other browsers so I haven’t tested it elsewhere. No errors are thrown in the console. No UBO changes from the defaults, I actually just installed it a couple days ago (I was running the older uBlock, not realizing it had been discontinued).

When UBO is disabled, middle-button works normally.

When enabled, sometimes middle-button opens the link in a new tab, sometimes it takes two to four clicks, other times it doesn’t work at all. Tested across a wide variety of sites – Google search results, Stackoverflow links, links in various discussion forums, etc.

(Jesse B ) #458

Twitch has a new way to bypass ad blocking on videos, please look into this!!

(Damronwilliam) #459

Is there any way to block ads from Hulu?


This is just a bit of feedback/maybe a request, but I’ve had quite a few links which get blocked for affiliate tracking, however the URL I’m heading to is actually in there. Would it make sense for uBlock Origin to have a feature that would clean the URL and redirect to the destination? Or at least have a button on the block page to continue to the URL without disabling the block temporarily?

(Raymond Hill) #461

No, there is no reliable way to do this other than by having a list of URL transformation directives which is maintained and regularly updated. Beyond the scope of uBO as I often said.

This is already in there, click the magnifier. uBO will parse the URL, and a human will be able to decide what in there is of value, if anything.

(L293000) #462

Hello, I want to report that some sites / contents are blocked but legitimates. Most of the help page content of Paypal are blocked. most of the options of some streaming sites are blocked. (dpstream.net)

(Scyris) #463

So yeah I got a question, using the exact same filters between firefox and chrome, why does this one ad on mmorpg.com get thru on chrome, but doesn’t get thru on firefox with the exact same settings/custom filters? Seems kinda weird how its able to bypass it on chrome but not firefox.

(81cb7b9a) #464

Love the uBO extension.
But I’m getting an extension conflict with Blur, a password manager and email obfuscator.

Any ideas how to update the uBO config to get rid of the conflct, but keep both uBO and Blur functioning at 100%?


(5cb 1ksb7e7rrvbd) #465

firefox has better adblocking capabilities than google chrome bcos google makes tons of money with ads :slight_smile: nothing the extension developers can do about that switch browsers or accept ads.

(gwarser) #466

Your answers are here https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/issues/1170