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Being a newbie at this I was wondering does UBlock Origin block comments to web pages? I don’t like when you go to a web page and your Google account image shows up in the comment section Adblock does this in the settings but I find that it does not work well Thank you

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Is there any WebExtensions of 1.13.0 for firefox?


Raymond, I just wanted to send a quick thank you for implementing a keyboard shortcut for the element picker. That’s highly appreciated. And thanks for your continuous work on uBlock Origin. I use it a lot and am grateful it exists. :fireworks:

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Support for blockade.io block lists would be nice.
Blockade is a add-on focused on blocking security relates things e.g. phishing and reporting back and showing a warning etc. I’m not interested the last two things of the solution.

But additional security related list would be interesting.
But they aren’t using using the standard format. They have there own format. It includes not the plain text host names but instead a MD5 hash of it (so that they don’t need to revile the indicators of compromise).

but there are currently only two public lists which I am aware of

and the project is quite new, so I don’t know how complicate it would be to integrate only the support for the blacklist from this and if it is really worth the effort.

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@gorhill Can you please describe what sort of questions you will answer and which not? And are there certain things you are looking for the questioner to provide, in order to get an answer?
Thanks, and thanks for Ublock Origin !


I’d really like to hide the big red FOLLOW button on each individual tweet on twitter.com, but can’t figure out how to do it. I use the obvious cosmetic filter twitter.com##.follow-bar, which does work when it’s selected through the element picker. But on each subsequent re-open of a tweet, it’s as if the filter never existed. Any ideas?

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Force a reload of the page for the filter to fully take effect. I am pretty sure there is an issue opened on the issue tracker for this.

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Yes, see latest Release notes. There is a uBlock0.webext.xpi extension in there, it is a hybrid-webext extension, a necessary step on the path to pure webext. You will have to install manually.

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That would be pointless – uBO must download the HTTP headers of an image to find out its size. By then, the network request has been made to the remote server.

There is no point creating noop rule when there is no block or allow rules to override. The only purpose of a noop rule is to override an existing block or allow rule.

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Repo[quote=“tnr, post:409, topic:6746”]
this Webpage (in turkish) does not work correctly anymore!

Report filter list issues to filter list maintainers:


How do I stop this stupid program and get it off my computer?
I didn’t ask for it, I don’t want it, and it is preventing me from accessing my online magazine subscription.
I can’t override it or turn it off; it ignores my command.
Terrible feature and bad for Firefox. I don’t want to have to go back to IE.
Please tell me how to get rid of this.

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Learn how to use your browser.

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If you are specifically referring to uBlock Origin, for websites that don’t work when advertisements are blocked, when you are at one of those websites, you can click on the uBlock Origin shield (typically right of the search bar, shaped like a shield, red with “uo” letters in white), then click on the power on/off icon (broken circle with a vertical bar coming out the opening at top), and that will disable uBlock Origin for that website and you will get visual confirmation because the shield will be grey instead of red. When you first turn off or turn on uBlock Origin for a website, you will probably have to refresh the page, e.g., the refresh icon or hit Alt+F5.

If you want to completely remove uBlock Origin, click on the menu bar (the three horizontal lines near the top right of the Firefox window), click on Add-ons (looks like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle), click on the “Extensions” tab, and uBlock Origin should be listed there, and on its right is a “Remove” button that you can click on. That will remove uBlock Origin from that particular profile in Firefox.


Learn how to communicate like an adult, instead of a punk troll.


Thanks, Mark.

I removed it.

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Using Pale Moon 27.3 on Win 7. The keyboard shortcuts do not work. I have read and tried based on the documentation at https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases. For example, I set the item extensions.ublock0.shortcuts.launch-element-picker to alt-x, alt-X, and ctrl-shift-x, all without apparent effect. Also, the shortcuts appear not to be registered in the application, as they do not appear at all in Dorando keyconfig, which is where most users modify shortcuts. Suggest taking that approach.

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You have to restart the browser after you assign/remove shortcuts for these changes to take effect. I updated the release notes to document this step.

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Thanks Raymond. I did just restart PM, but the shortcuts still don’t work. I strongly encourage you to register the shortcuts properly in the application, so that people can modify them using keyconfig (all shortcuts in one place). Fortunately, there is discussion on this at the keyconfig forum, including user_pref syntax and code snippets. See the post by morat (author of Dorando keyconfig, the current version) at 9:38 today EDT, or search on “set up the shortcuts in uBO”.

Best regards,

Elchanan, Vibrant Living Ministries

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Report a web page - please add link.tl

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Yes, I was getting ads all of a sudden on YouTube, so annoying. I HAD Ublock which is a Mozilla firefox add-on, but it disappeared and the icon no longer showed up.

  • Download Ublock again.
  • If you still don’t have the Ublock icon on top left of page near the Home icon (I didn’t) then:
    Click on the Menu icon on top far right of any page (it looks like 3 short horizontal bars.
  • Click Add-ons and your add-ons will appear including the one for Ublock.
  • Click ENABLE and refresh page and you’ll see the Ublock browny red shield icon with the initials “ub”. Done! No more ads on YouTube!
    on it