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(gwarser) #515

PassIFox 1.2.2 is not compatible with Firefox 55.

(Peter Mueller) #516

Dear gorhill, congratulation! I’d like to inform you that uBlock Origin got best marks from the very popular German print magazine “Stiftung Warentest” [1]. In the magazine they say:

Usability for standard users: very good
Usability for advanced users: very good

Very flexible. An allround protection against tracking, viruses and advertising. The free application reduces severely the number of trackers and at the same time does hardly reduce the usability of websites. The user can click on elements with the mouse to remove them. There are many configuration options for advanced users; however even for standard users it is very easy to use. Terms of use and terms of privacy protection are not available in German. The application is available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari.

[1] https://www.test.de/Tracking-Wie-unser-Surfverhalten-ueberwacht-wird-und-was-dagegen-hilft-5221609-0/

(Daniel Rosik) #517

Aha, totally missed that. Good catch and thanks for the quick response!


I actually reached here from the support link of the Google Chrome version of the plugin. So, the question is about Google Chrome. finalfantasy.wikia.com has a very ugly background. I tried filtering it out using uBlock Origin. It suggested the following rule:


But it doesn’t work. This rule is ignored. I tried different combinations, different forms of the rule, disabling every single other rule in uBlock Origin as well as third party filters etc. But I am stymied.

(gwarser) #519

EasyList have exception filter for images here.

You must add $important to your filter to override this.



Thanks a bunch.:grinning:

Interesting. I did suspect an exclusion rule might be the cause, hence why I “disabling every single other rule in uBlock Origin” as I said above!

I wonder why did it not work.

(Raymond Hill) #521

I can’t find anywhere in the Chrome store where I link to here for support. Could you please tell me exactly where is that link? This is a Firefox forum here – there should be no link to here from the Chrome store. The official support is uBlockOrigin on Reddit.

Edit: Never mind, found it – it’s in the “About” pane in uBO’s dashboard. I need to correct this.

(Githubdd333) #522

ebay mess… Have to disable uBlock for ebay pages to load.
ebay is on white list, but when you click a link within an ebay page – like within search results – the linked page destination will not load – just stays on the search results page as if no link was clicked… If you hit F5, the linked page destination will then load.
ebay now has banners galore – which take forever to load and hog resources – so would love to use uBlock; But with uBlock enabled, link clicking does not work (unless hit F5 for each page).
Hope there is a simple fix.??

(Raymond Hill) #523

Please always take the time to read the release notes.

(Githubdd333) #524

Ok, so a legacy extension can interfere with uBlock, making it look like uBlock (when disabled) was causing the problem.
And this fix seems to be working:

Solution: just set the about:config variable browser.tabs.remote.force-enable to true (if it doesn’t exist (anymore): just create it as boolean)"


(Ayuanx) #525

Is there a function to change the name of an element in DOM?

Most anti-ADB scripts manipulate elements with specific name.

Since we can’t change the scripts themselves (which I hoped we could by implementing some regex+replace), is it possible to have a function to change the name (instead of style) of an element before the scripts are executed?

Current ability of changing the style of an element doesn’t help because those scripts simply replace or delete certain elements by addressing their name.



I am currently using Firefox 55.0.3 64-bit.

With it, uBo 1.13.8 works as expected.

When I upgraded to the new WebExtensions version 1.14.8, an issue arose.

Every time I go to uBo settings, it says I need to update the lists. So I will update them, and everything looks good. But once I close the browser, and reopen it, uBo once again indicates that I need to update the lists.

I have even tried purging the lists before updating them, but that does not help.

I do have Firefox set to clear all caches when it closes.

Is this a known issue?

(gwarser) #527

However now I just tried the full “Private Browser” mode in preferences, and it does not work, uBO is not allowed to use indexedDB at all. Consequences of this:

The stock filter lists will be always obsolete (the packaged versions) at launch time.
All filter lists which are not packaged into uBO have to be downloaded at launch time.
All filter lists must be recompiled at launch time.

The Firefox webext[-hybrid] version of uBO now uses indexedDB to store its cacheable assets[1]. There are positive and negative consequences as a result. See issue #2925 for details.

[1] “Cacheable assets” refer to: filter lists downloaded from remote servers; compiled (pre-parsed) filter lists; “selfie” (kind of dated doc but “selfie” part is still relevant).

(gwarser) #528

and linked comment https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/issues/2211#issuecomment-264648203

(Ayuanx) #529

Hi gwarser, I mean “to CHANGE THE NAME of an element”, not to remove it.

Most anti-ADB scripts remove DOM element in order to force you to disable uBlock, and we need a method to prevent this from happening.

Changing the name of an element would be a simple solution.

(gwarser) #530

Removing or renaming - no difference - DOM will be altered.
Side effects of misusing will certainly happen, and will finally end here providing more work for gorhill.
I agree, this may be useful sometimes, but you must first provide real world use case where advanced filtering syntax and scriptlets will not work.


Thank you for your reply, gwarser…

That’s real bad! If I understand correctly, if you don’t want browser cache to be retained between sessions, you can’t have uBo use updated blocklists.

Is this an issue that Mozilla or gorhill will be able to remedy in a future version?

BTW, which Firefox option, exactly, is causing the blocklists to be lost between sessions?

(gwarser) #532

BTW, which Firefox option, exactly, is causing the blocklists to be lost between sessions?

Preferences -> Privacy -> Firefox will: Never remember history
Preferences -> Privacy -> Firefox will: Use custom settings for history -> Always use private browsing mode

Additionally if you set
Preferences -> Privacy -> Firefox will: Use custom settings for history -> Accept cookies from sites -> UNCHECKED
UBO may be using inefficient storage method and Firefox will be very slow.

(Richard Samuels) #533

Youtube videos crash Firefox when uBlock is enabled in Firefox 55.0.3. An example that crashes is https://youtu.be/xvlqP2r7ouI

If I turn off uBlock, the video does not crash Firefox. The same video does not crash Chrome with uBlock running.


Thanks for the details gwarser.

If Preferences -> Privacy -> Use custom settings for history -> Accept cookies from sites is CHECKED, but Accept third-party cookies is set to NEVER, and Keep until is set to I CLOSE FIREFOX, should it still work?

Will uBo be using the fast or slow mechanism in this case?