[Support] uBlock Origin

(gwarser) #536

Works for me. Some special repro steps?

BTW uBlock is written in javascript, javascript does not crash. If the browser crashes while interpreting javascript, there is an issue with the browser.

(Richard Samuels) #537

If I disabled uBlock, it doesn’t crash.

(Alexios Gkoutsoulas) #538

(this commenting system is so confusing, i hope i’m using it correctly)

to the point. on https://yifymovies.to/ i have enabled the grey box to the global column so it doesn’t allow any pop-up. the site has a habit of displaying a popup or when i right click on a link, it will immediately open it, even if i don’t confirm the opening by pressing the mouse button.
why is that with every update that setting is reset and i have to set it again?

(Ayuanx) #539

Hi gwarser,

Here is an example. I would like to know if there is any method to circumvent the anti-ADB with current filtering functions.


The anti-ADB script replaces DOM elements by name, which renders uBlock useless.

if (app_vars['force_disable_adblock'] === '1') {
  var adblock_message = '<div class="alert alert-danger" style="display: inline-block;">'+

  $('.banner-page a.get-link').replaceWith(adblock_message);
  $('.interstitial-page div.skip-ad').replaceWith(adblock_message);

(gwarser) #540

Grey is for noop (no-operation) - you have no other rules, so this will do nothing at all.

Popup blocking icon is on the bottom: (marked red) Sadly, it will not work in this case.

To counter popups on this page, try this filter
yifymovies.to##script:inject(addEventListener-defuser.js, /^(click|mousedown|mousemove|touchstart|touchend|touchmove)/, system.popunder) (copy-paste in UBO Dashboard -> My filters tab)

To make dynamic filtering rules permanent, click on the Lock button in top left corner.

(gwarser) #541

Works fine when “Adguard base filters” is checked. Probably because of this filter @@||urle.co/js/ads.js^ which unblocks this little snippet of code:

var e=document.createElement('div');e.id='test-block';e.style.display='none';document.body.appendChild(e);

no need for element removing/renaming.

(Ayuanx) #542

Thanks for this info. I guess we are lucky because this script is external. That filter would be useless if they eventually move it inline.

(Dagmar) #543


I just realized that there seems to be a conflict with uBlock Origin as a Firefox add-on and editing self hosted WordPress sites.

When I’m in my dashboard and edit a post or a page and hit view page, the preview does not show up and clicking any link or a button in the menu doesn’t have any effect. I have to reload the page in FF to see the preview and to be able to navigate to any other point in the WordPress installation.

In FF the problem exists since version 1.13.10 - going back to version 1.13.8 or deactivating the add-on “solves” the problem.

I tested with Win 7 Pro, FF 55.0.3 (32 bit) on different machines and with different WordPress installations.

Is there anyone who can reproduce this problem? Any ideas to solve it?

In Chrome uBlock Origin version 1.14.8 just works fine.

(gwarser) #544

Looks like this https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/issues/2982 - Firefox bug

(Raymond Hill) #545

Many such issues specific to the webext version of uBO have surfaced since its release. Since then, there has been more clues about the root causes, some of them are linked to in the release notes of 1.14.10.

The most common one seems to be that disabling e10s in uBO/webext is more likely to cause issues. Verify if e10s is disabled on your side. Keep in mind that e10s can be automatically disabled if you are still using legacy extensions.


I checked it. It does work! :slight_smile:

Does uBo use the fast or slow mechanism with third-party cookies set to NEVER? How do you tell?

(gwarser) #547

It’s about this https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/issues/2925
You can check which one file is used to store data:

Yes, my observation is that the indexedDB storage is at a location like [profile path]/storage/default/moz-extension+++[random]/. The browser.storage.local is at [profile path]/browser-extension-data/uBlock0@raymondhill.net/storage.js.


Thank you gwarser for the help.

(Alexios Gkoutsoulas) #549

thank you gwarser for the reply.

now another issue. i noticed that on the “answers.microsoft.com” forum, the addon breaks the reply system on FF. is that a FF or a ublock issue?
another user here suggested that installing 1.13.8 will fix the issue. is it going to be fixed on a new FF or ublock update? do you have any clue?

(gwarser) #550

Probably this https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/issues/2990
If you follow links, you will find explanation.
Probably already fixed in Firefox 58, maybe be fixed in 57.

(Igor) #551

This bug is annoying me to no end, half of my regular websites just refuse to open new tabs or just hang when i press enter into a search bar…

(Thomas-S) #552


I am unable to sync uBlock over three devices (all Win Desktops).
Firefox v52.x ESR uBlock v1.13.8

All other sync OK (preferences, addons, bookmarks, history sync in a few seconds after launch FF).

At this point I am wondering is it possible to sync uBlock settings and preferences over three devices? OK, I can save the options step by step over “cloud storage”, but this work not across the devices.

Thanks for help!

(gwarser) #553

This should work if you have UBO 1.13.8 legacy on all browsers.
Sync will not work between lagacy and webextension.

If you have many lists selected, you may hit quota limit. Deselect some, and try again. https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Cloud-storage#firefox-browsers

(Thomas-S) #554

Hello and thanks for help!

All uBlock are legacy v1.13.8

The whole pre defined lists are stored in the cloud?? I don’t think so (too much data alone in EasyList), and my question is about automatic sync in background, not about manual “cloud storage”.

In all three devices uBlock is installed fresh. My new lists are small, only a few entries. Before uBlock I used AddBlockPlus, which sync excellent over years a great number of entries.

Is there any documentation about the feature in uBlock? Do I need to configure an special entry in config (FF or uBlock)?

(gwarser) #555

No such thing in uBlock - just read the wiki, I gave you a link.