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(Alexandru Simonescu) #43

Hi there!

Guys i’m getting blocked this site: http://www.milanuncios.com/
When i try to access some pages, it blockes lots of libraries and the page is not displayed…

Kind of annoying, i understand ad tracking libraries get blocked but it should not prevent from seeing the page.

Thanks for all your effort guys!

(Raymond Hill) #44

The site seems to display fine when using default settings. Other than this, I can’t help you, you are not disclosing exactly what is not working (a specific URL + what is specifically broken on that page), and you are not disclosing your uBlock Origin settings, so nobody can help you without this minimal amount of information. In any case, any web page broken because of a 3rd-party filter list needs to be reported to their respective maintainers.


I have been using ABP for many years and now considering switching to uBO but have some questions:

I am using several ABP filter lists as well as my own settings. I have disabled some filters in the lists since they were breaking sites I was using, added some “whitelists” and otherwise customized entries.

Q1. Is it possible to migrate my setup from ABP to uBO? How would I go about it?

Q2. Does uBO update lists like ABP does?

Q3. I am using the Element Hiding Helper for ABP extension (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/elemhidehelper/) to select elements to block from the web page and via the inspector. Does uBO have similar functionality?

Thank you!

(Peuj) #46


Is it possible to add a context menu to search for filter(s) that would block the selected element?

Currently we have a menu to block an element and add a specific filter but this could be handle by an existing filter not yet activated.


(Raymond Hill) #47

A key statement concerning uBO vs ABP: uBO is not a clone of ABP.

A subset of uBO’s features is its ability to parse and enforce ABP-compatible filters, with some documented exceptions.

Thus, whatever specific solution to a specific issue one may have come up with ABP, will likely be different with uBO (and the reverse is also true). Best is to just try/explore it for a while, and carefully pay attention to the documentation.

(Kalpit) #48


I had put an issue on Github Issue #1500.

I’ve read the documentation but it has only adding the * in between two hashes.

Could you please help me out adding this filter.

Additionally, I found that running
javascript:jQuery(’.modal_signup_background, .modal_signup_dialog’).remove()
Removes that dialog.

But I have no idea how to use JavaScript to block elements in uBlock.

Than You

(Kalpit) #49

Myself found out solution after going through some more info of documentation

Thank You

(Raymond Hill) #50

Myself found out solution

For the record, cosmetic filters (aka ABP’s element hiding filters) can be any valid CSS selectors. So to share your found solution for the benefit of all, what you wanted is probably:


(Kalpit) #51

I used the following filters-



Hope this helps Everyone

(TK) #52

When blocking ads in a specific web site, uBlock leaves an unnecessary empty element behind. I can hide the element with the element picker, but the ID of the element is random, so I’d have to hide
it hundreds of times.

I have tried to create a regular expression rule in my filter tab unsuccessfully. I have read all the related documentary from uBlock, Adblock and various other sites that explains regular expressions, but I have only very basic knowledge coding and reg exp, so I must be missing something fundamental to get this working.

This is a short list of individually blocked elements:

The first letter is always capital “M”, followed by four random letter with random case. How can I hide those element with single reg exp filter?

I think it’s unnecessary to show examples of what I’ve tried as everything so far has been unsuccessful.

So, this is the right channel for support requests? Pardon me about posting this at Github at first.

(Raymond Hill) #53

The answer to this is right above your post:

cosmetic filters (aka ABP’s element hiding filters) can be any valid CSS selectors

Aside this, I can’t help you without specifics – which you fail to provide. With specific, detailed information about exactly where and exactly what is the issue, I can’t provide you any insights about what might be the optimal solution – which is not necessarily the one you are considering.

(TK) #54

That was one of the pages I already checked, but it wasn’t much of a help due to my lack of knowledge on the subject. The list I provided is exact copy-paste from uBlock my filter tab and the entries are created with the element picker, except I’ve censored the domain. I’m pretty sure you don’t need the target web page as it could be any web page. You don’t specify any information, what should I give, so I try something…

This is copy from firefox source inspector:
<div style="margin-top: 32px;" id="MjAyN"><iframe style="display: none ! important;" src="/hide.php?targ=m6" allowtransparency="true" id="parade" height="400" width="980"></iframe></div>

(Dennisda123) #55

Not sure but I think ublock is removing Facebook Share icons from various websites. I see them initially when I open a web page then they disappear. Any help would be appreciated.


Go into the settings and disable any filter lists in the social, and possibly privacy, section.

(James Edward Lewis II) #57

If you’ve read the documentation, you should have been aware of the fact that regex filters are only supported for blocking, while CSS selectors (used in hiding rules) do not support regexes; the closest thing you can do is use an attribute selector with the “starts with” operator:

Unfortunately, you can’t specify how many characters come after the M, or what kind of characters they are.

(Robert Orzanna) #58

Dear all,

How can I whitelist all websites initially to then subsequently and manually blacklist those that display too much ads for my personal taste?



(Bloodcore) #59

Hello, I wondered if someone could help me out with an issue I’m having?
On the website “vg.no”, there are some annoying banners asking me to disable adblock.

When I attempt to manually choose and filter out the elements, it look like this:

##.reg-grid-container > .beara:nth-of-type(2)

The problem is that “.beara:” is constantly changing and I’ve attempted to add a wildcard with no success. Could someone please help me out? :slightly_smiling:

(Raymond Hill) #61

See if these filters help:


(Raymond Hill) #62

It’s possible through a side effect of how dynamic filtering work (see this doc) – I do not intend to support this explicitly, as I advise against disabling uBO.

(Robert Orzanna) #63

Dear @gorhill,

I am very appreciative for your response!

If I understood the documentation correctly, then all I have to do is:

  1. Make column 1 green
  2. Make columns 2 gray
  3. And then on the page I want to block, just hit the visual power button to enable the extension for this page?