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(Bloodcore) #64

Tried these, the banners disappear and reappears at random after using this filter.

Meaning, when refreshing 10-20 times… then 40-50% of them might show the banner instead of 100% of them.
Not sure which is more annoying, a banner that randomly appears or one that is always there. :slight_smile:

(Robert Orzanna) #65


Mind providing me support on this one more time?



(Jim Fo) #66

Dear @gorhill,

On Mar 22, 12:08 PM I wrote a detailed post with comments and questions. I have not seen a reply. Was there someone wrong with what I wrote or where I wrote it?

Would you please let me know if there is a better to place to write that type of message?




Q: Will there be a feature to block “data:;base64” and similar to prevent exploits?

(TK) #68

Yes, I should have known that as I did read all the related documentation and more. But I didn’t. I am very newbie in these things and the documentation is not exactly noob friendly. However, I’m not stupid. Of course I tried everything I could on my own before asking here.

I already got the solution you posted from somewhere else. Works wonders on the web site in which I needed it. It also thaught me some things that didn’t occur to me during my own research, so next time I don’t have to show my stupidity here as you seem to be irritated by it.

Thanks anyway.

(Vladimir) #69

Bug. Blocks multiple images that are not advertising!


(Raymond Hill) #70

As per uBlock Origin’s logger, this is caused by the filter /blank.gif? in EasyPrivacy:

So you will have to report the issue to the maintainers of EasyPrivacy.

Meanwhile you can use this custom filter to fix the issue on your side: @@||static-cache.ua.uaprom.net/image/blank.gif$image,domain=ukrdveri.net. But please report to manitainers of EasyPrivacy, so that all benefit from the fix.

(Vladimir) #71

Can you clarify. This is a bug in the application? And whether it is possible to fix to those who have installed this app uBlok could see everything?

(Desktopd Mozilla Product Lead) #72

A bug (or overblocking) of a filtering rule. Filters have maintainers so you should contact them in case of problems.


Is there any way for an extension or a user script to disable uBlock for a certain page?
There are many YouTube channels which I would like to support and disable uBlock only for them and nowhere else.

On one hand I feel this would be good for the YouTube channels, but adversely it could allow any naive extension or piece of code to disable uBlock functionality (which is bad.)


Great. It is already available: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/How-to-whitelist-a-web-site#a-youtube-channel

I will use this now.

(Rebecca Menessec) #75

Does the no-large-media directive take a size parameter, to enable large media blocking of varying sizes by site?

If not, can this feature be added? And, if so, can this be added to the advanced UI as well?


(Mckillio) #76


I just need help on how to block Disqus on particular websites, particularly denverpost.com

(Jimmyjxiao) #77

Does anyone know where userSettings is defined? I’m trying to add a new Setting in a fork, and there is this line in uBlock.js in the changeUserSettings function:

 var us = this.userSettings;

Then it checks to see if the updated setting exists (which it obviously does not exist for me yet):

 var mustSave = us.hasOwnProperty(name) &&
               value !== us[name];
if ( mustSave ) {
    us[name] = value;

Where do I add a new setting?

(Raymond Hill) #78

Valid user settings are in µBlock.userSettings, defined in ./js/background.js.

(Raymond Hill) #79

Use this custom filter:


If you want to block on more sites, just add them to the domain= option, using | to separate them. Example:


(bonbonboi) #80

FYI, this page crashes FF V45.0.2 on both Windows & Linux, When opening that page FF going to increase memory usage constantly up to take the all available memory in the system. The only way to stop that is to try to kill the process.

After investigate the issue, found that Ads category is the root of that, even with Multipurpose e.g. Fanboy+Easylist-Merged Ultimate List‎

Crashes FF with ublock origin

(Mckillio) #81

That is exactly what I needed, thank you so much!

(Raymond Hill) #82

Can not reproduce. Likely the site contains buggy javascript which goes haywire if something is blocked and the code does not deal gracefully with this. Report to the maintainers of the filter list you identified as causing the issue to manifest.

(Josh) #83


Thanks for all of your work on this.

Is it possible to block outgoing connections that other Extensions/Plugins are making?

For instance, when the browser is started, the MySmartPrice extension makes a connection to extensions.mysmartprice.com and downloads a bunch of initial data. I have not been successful in blocking this type of initial connection with UBlock Origin.

Is this even possible?