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In the latest version the dynamic filtering pane seems to show even when ‘I am an advanced user’ is unchecked. I’m assuming this isn’t intentional?

Firefox 59.0.2 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.4

(Raymond Hill) #718

This is intentional. The firewall pane is read-only when “advanced user” mode is not enabled. The reason is to provide some awareness to non-advanced users about where their browser connects – hopefully the gained awareness will motivate some users to take action and start to control about whether they should block by default some or all 3rd-party connections.

See https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Quick-guide:-popup-user-interface#the-overview-panel.


Aaah, this is what I was missing (from the link):

‘To hide that panel, just click again on either the “requests blocked” or “domains connected” label.’

I simply couldn’t work out how to hide it before. But I probably should learn more about controlling 3rd-party connections, as you suggest.

Thank you for the reply!


Why does it block gfycat links on reddit? It says unsupported MIME type. Is it possible to patch?

(gwarser) #721

Maybe you have enabled “No large media elements”? https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Per-site-switches#no-large-media-elements


Hello, I’m having an issue with the latest update. Basically, some ads aren’t being blocked, and the element picker isn’t working. I went into a lot of detail in a reddit post. Has anyone else reported a similar issue, or is it something I broke?

(gwarser) #723

Check settings or popup panel for “Disable cosmetic filtering” option. https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Per-site-switches#no-cosmetic-filtering

(Greg) #725

Very annoying website practice of greying everything over and popping up something you don’t want to see and it happens every single time you visit the page.

Is there anyway to permanently block (through one rule) this rude (infuriating) practice? Screenshot example attached.

(gwarser) #726

You may try experimental scriptlet example.com##script:inject(overlay-buster.js).
Standard way is to hide dialog and background using element picker, and then you will need to reset overflow in body by setting example.com##body:style(overflow: auto !important) to see scrollbars.

(ypsy) #727

Hi, I save a lot of news articles or other web pages as PDF (to archive them) and noticed that cosmetic filters are not active when using Firefoxes print-to-pdf. Some sites have those big popups in the center that make the “printed” pdf completely useless. I tried some website-to-pdf plugins for firefox but they were not satisfying to me. Often they use the internal page-to-pdf functionalities anyway and thus have the same problem.
I can think of two solutions: Either uBlock somehow gets into the pdf-printing engine of firefox and applies the cosmetic filters there. Or uBlock could provice a way to export an html file with cosmetic filters applied. That way I could convert that file using “wkhtmltopdf” or similar. I tried to do this using javascript to get the rendered source code, which sadly also did not have the cosmetic filters applied yet. Also tried to export the html using the developer tools “dom tree as html”. Same results. I even thought of using uBlocks javascript code to filter html (in some sort of standalone mode, without needing a browser) but quickly figured I was way too unexperienced to try it.
So I’d appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

(gwarser) #728

Some sites have those big popups in the center that make the “printed” pdf completely useless.

Can you share example?

uBlock somehow gets into the pdf-printing engine of firefox and applies the cosmetic filters there

I don’t think it’s possible - these are internal pages, and webextensions does not work on them

uBlock could provice a way to export an html file with cosmetic filters applied.

Not exactly this, but you can use Zap tool to get rid of these elements https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Quick-guide:-popup-user-interface#zap-an-element-on-the-current-page

(ypsy) #729

Any Facebook Post for example. If you’re not logged in, you get this full page “See more of …” thing. If you dismiss it, it’s still 1/3 of the page. On the printed pdf it looks even worse and gets in way with the text.

That’s interesting. The Zaptool does indeed remove it in a way so that it’s not visible in the printed pdf anymore. It’s not very convenient though as it is not remembered and on a lot of tries I did, clicking on the zaptool button didn’t do anything (the zapping mode didn’t start) until I reloaded the page a couple of times and/or disabled/enabled cosmetic filtering. Maybe another bug.

So does anyone have an idea why the changes made with the zaptool apply to printed pdfs and the cosmetic filtering does not?

(gwarser) #730

Because Zap removes elements from document and cosmetic filtering hides them.

(ypsy) #731

I see! So would it be possible to remove them from the document with cosmetic filtering as well or have an option to do so? If this is not too much effort and does not bear any other problems I’d be very glad if a developer could consider this :slight_smile:

(gwarser) #732

This was discussed and will not be implemented for cosmetic filtering (at least for now - you can present your case here: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/issues/2252 )

However there is special filtering implemented to remove elements from html source (not from dynamically rendered document) https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Static-filter-syntax#html-filters and seems to work for printing. May help for selected pages where you create your own filters.


I’m using medium mode for ublock origin. I have a lot of rules.
As a feature request, I’d like to be able to sort the rules, by the number of times the rules have been used. This statistic will help me discard old rules, for sites I haven’t used in a long time.

Would I want to keep the number of rules down for performance reasons?

(Graham Perrin) #734

https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Firefox-WebExtensions#read-carefully-if-using-ubowebext might benefit from some updates.

The bug linked from the first bullet point is a duplicate of Mozilla bug 1396395 - Firefox crashes when submitting form

RESOLVED FIXED in Firefox 58

– and the fix (for single-process mode compatibility with AdNauseam, Findx Privacy Control, Ghostery, HTTPS Everywhere, Nano Adblocker, Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin) should be in the next release of Waterfox, probably 56.2.2.

The bug linked from the second bullet point is a duplicate of Mozilla bug 1379148 - document.write does not synchronously modify a document if an extension has content scripts at document_start

VERIFIED FIXED in Firefox 57

uBO’s cache storage

… wiped-out …

If it’s IndexedDB, see:

In particular:

  • comment 34 demonstrating that in some cases, deletion of a type of hidden file should suffice (contrast with suggestions, elsewhere, that it’s necessary to abandon an entire profile)
  • comment 39 proposing a mitigation.

(Graham Perrin) #735

OT from uBlock Origin, you might like this extension:

… Mozilla is experimenting with a browser feature to detect such pop-ups automatically and block them.

(gwarser) #736

Things like this has been requested before and I don’t think will be implemented. There are some performance/architectural problems.

Do you see any slowdowns?

(gwarser) #737

Thank you, updated.

About database problem: I think this problem also happens for “desktop.ini”, “this is uBO database” or “asdf” files - they should find better solution than:

b) Whitelist everything starting with a “.”