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(Major Mike) #698

Ahh, thank you. Surprisingly, I thought of that afterwards but then talked myself out of it thinking it was a bit convoluted, but looking at it again makes perfect logic sense. Thank you for that.

Just a curiosity based question, any chance we can get uB0 to do it in a single line rule by leveraging the already robust built-in 3p designation? Essentially saying, that if a given domain is 3p block it (which would then ignore it automatically in 1p)? Just thinking out loud, not sure how involved that would be for you.

Something along the lines of: * siteX.tld 3p block (excuse syntax, just for sake of demo) sort of an inverse concept on say siteY.tld * 3p block where we are blocking 3p originating from to flipping it to blocking 3p destination to. Thoughts?

Thanks for the assist.


Sometimes I want to temporarily disable uBlock origin completely in a session. I learned that instead of disabling it in the Firefox Add-on section I can do it much easier directly in uBlock origin by setting an “allow all” rule (* * * allow) with a click on the green “all” field.

This works fine and without making it permanent this is reverted when I restart the browser. But until then uBlock origin is disabled and it’s possible that a user forgets to enable it again while in the same browser session.

Would it be possible to indicate this “allow all” rule on the icon somehow like it’s already done with the inactive state (greyed out) and the number of hits? Maybe just another color or an additional symbol?

(Major Mike) #700

@gorhill Did something change in latest beta .19b1 with the way the extension is installed? It never required a restart before, but today on updating to this version it required a restart, was wondering what changed? TIA.

(Yefvayn) #701

First, thank you for an excellent add-on which I use for a long time. I use the latest versions of uBo and FF and for the past month or two I have a problem with Yahoo! mail which I never had before. When I want to send an email I can not open my contact list (it is hanging forever), when I type an email address it doesn’t pop up, when I do a search in mail it doesn’t work (it is also hanging forever). When I had some other issues before I always purged all cashes in 3-rd party filters’ tab and then clicked on update now button. It always helped to fix a problem, but not this time.
I tried dynamic filtering to un-break Yahoo! mail. I turned each red or yellowish cell to green and then reloaded mail page. I did that one cell at a time to find what causes the problem. I couldn’t find anything, nothing worked. Then I did a test. When I start FF I have all these problems then I disable uBo, reload mail page and of course all problems are gone and everything works as it should. Then I enable uBo, reload mail page and I everything still works correctly. The above described problems don’t appear as I’ve expected. Only when I close FF and restart it all these problems appear again. Then I repeat the procedure to make the uBo work correctly.
This tells me that problem is not in the filter lists, but in the uBo itself. One of the updates causes the problems. I am sick and tired of doing this procedure for more than a month in hope that one of the uBo’s updates will fix the problem. Since they didn’t, I decided to report the problem here - maybe someone already experienced that problem and knows how to fix it. Any help to resolve the issue is really appreciated.

(Graham Perrin) #702

https://www.reddit.com/r/waterfox/comments/874hqt/-/dwc057t/?context=1 seems to describe an official download page that shows whether the extension is installed.

Is anyone aware of such a page for uBlock Origin?

Just one thing comes to mind. A few months ago for addons.mozilla.org there was development of a switch interface, for example (for a different extension):

– but that feature has not yet made it to the live service.

(practik) #703

@yefvayn, sorry to hear that, it sounds like a pain. I use Yahoo Mail too and uB0 has never given me any problems with it. I’m currently running uB0 1.15.24 on FF 59.0.2.

(Yefvayn) #704

Thank you for your response. I use same versions as you do. It is very puzzling now. About a month or two ago I didn’t have any problems with uBO.

(Yefvayn) #705

Forgot to tell you that I am running Windows 7 on my PC. What about you?

(Raymond Hill) #706

The most important information with regard to what uBO does to a site are the filter lists, rulesets and settings. Especially the filter lists. Using the logger is the way to diagnose filters/rules issues.

(practik) #707

@yefvayn, macOS – but ^ what gorhill said ^

(Yefvayn) #708

I tried today to follow my usual procedure to disable uBO then enable it to make Yahoo Mail work correctly. But before I did that I checked if the problem still existed. To my surprise it disappeared and everything works correctly now as it was couple months before. I didn’t do anything, didn’t even purged all cashes in 3-rd party filters’ tab and then updated the filters. Of course, I am very happy now but how could this happen? Maybe the latest update of uBO on 4/02/18 fixed the problem? Although the version number stays the same - 1.15.24.

(Sofian11) #709

can you add this option to ublock :
“remove similar objects”

if i want to remove or hide a 1000 avatar images from a forum site i need 1000 steps to do it . but if you add “remove similar objects” then i will hide the 1000 avatars just in one click .

i hope you do it

(Major Mike) #710

That’s a somewhat unreasonable request. How would the logic for that work? He would have to have a massive AI running heuristics to accommodate something like that without a rule of some kind be it simple or RegEx.

If all the avatars on the page are “similar” then you can just create a wildcard filter to accomplish that yourself which uB0 does perfectly already. Creating reasonably flexible rules are not that hard and uB0 manages them very efficiently already.

Simply use the picker to find an avatar you want to remove, then tweak the filter in the box where it tells you how many it matches, and you can even click on preview to see what it would look like. The tools are all already there without him doing the guesswork for you.

(Sofian11) #711

look at this 2 videos and see how another addon can do it very easy :

this addon was my lover addon , but after firefox create the new browser it become an old addon and cant run on new browser .
then i searched a new one until i found your and i like it very much but it dont give me what i was realy enjoy with .

the other addon owner stop to support it and no connection with him for years ago .

now i want your addon to be my lover with the BEST options and tools .
you must be the no 1 , you must make some changes on your addon .
listen to me and read those notes :
stop the overly screen when choose an object to hide . just select it with a border .
in the first use i did not know that there is a tool box is on the screen waiting me to over the mouse on it to show it . (why you hide it ?) .
stop to show the panel on the left that popup without called it .
make more options on the rightclick menu
dont tell me (us) to create a wildcard filter , just make it and add it .
there are people cant do it and cant understand it but they need one click to do it .

i hope see it with the fantastic options .

(Major Mike) #712

No one is hiding anything, you just need to learn to use your tools effectively (try actually reading the documentation) or use something that takes control away from you and does it for you. If a tool is beyond your ability to use as intended effectively, then that’s on you to find an alternative that suits you or better yet spend some time educating yourself to learn. He already makes a lot of effort to make it usable for the most number of people, he can’t cripple it or bloat it to accommodate those unwilling to make an effort on the edge of the user base.

(Sofian11) #713

removed from my browser

(Jack29Dev) #714

I’m running into an issue on Firefox 52 ESR (just uBlock Origin as an extension) and Firefox Developer. About once or twice every other week, UBO will wipe all my filters and reset itself to default each and every time. Whether Firefox crashed, was shut down improperly or shut down properly. It doesn’t matter. It’s getting to the point where I have to check on each launch of either browser that my settings and filters weren’t wiped. And if they were, I have to load them in from a saved export and update my filters. I haven’t had help from Reddit, the Github page or looking through this thread.

(gwarser) #715

Then use ctrl click in filters selector in picker.

(gwarser) #716

Happens to me only on crash. Some other extensions also lost their settings. I blame Firefox, UBO is only using provided API.

Firefox crashes on shutdown a lot! These crashes are not even reported to the user because this happens very often. If you open about:crashes, you will probably see long list of crash reports.


In the latest version the dynamic filtering pane seems to show even when ‘I am an advanced user’ is unchecked. I’m assuming this isn’t intentional?

Firefox 59.0.2 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.4