Supporting the Indian Community with Haiyya

(Lucyeoh) #1

Hello Mozillians,

After 6 months of working closely with the meta team and supporting individuals and groups in the role of Asia Community Manager, Subhashish Panigrahi is moving on from Mozilla. We want to thank him for all of his work and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors!

In order to continue to support the Mozilla communities in India, George, Lucy and Konstantina identified Haiyya as an organization who can help support the community over the coming months. You will be familiar with them through their work alongside the India Community and Participation Team last year, and we’re very excited to be working with them again.

Over the past two weeks we have collaborated with more than 20 leaders from the India Community to define the scope of Haiyya’s work and what role they can play to be the most beneficial to the community. Take a look at the scope of work here:



Haiyya will be a resource to help and support the community and community projects that want and would benefit from their involvement. They won’t be imposing their own agenda, but rather supporting the community and Mozilla to achieve their own goals over the coming months.

###Haiyya’s Approach:

  • Empower and support Mozillians to take leadership
  • Transparently communicate their workplans and progress
  • Operate within and champion the Community Participation Guidelines
  • Ask for feedback regularly
  • Recognize they are outsiders to open source and Mozilla, and emphasize their expertise in community development while operating with humility

Focus Areas:

  1. Assist the Provisional Meta Team in getting up and running, moving to a more “permanent” Meta Team, and implementing the new Mozilla India community model agreed in August 2016
  2. Support functional teams, focus team and sub-India communities (who request help) identify the goals that they want to reach and provide – for example – project management, communication support, connections to staff, or other help as needed
  3. Help support and (where necessary) create clear and effective communication channels

How We’ll Measure Success:

  • We’ll collect targeted feedback at the end of the engagement from the various groups Haiyya has worked with.
  • Additional Ways Haiyya Can Add Value:
  • Support projects in capturing lessons, documenting what happened, and telling stories of the work
  • Provide training to people who want it in media communication and/or project management
  • Bridge communication gap and drive interactions between staff and volunteers

Outside of Haiyya’s Scope:

  • Conflict resolution (unless explicitly requested by all parties involved in the conflict).

Next week we will be hosting a Community Call with Haiyya where you can come and ask questions and meet the team. The call will be on Wednesday 31st May, 6.30 pm IST full details here.

Please leave your questions about the scope of work in this post and we and the community leaders will do our best to answer them. If you have questions for Haiyya directly, please leave them in here.

(Lucyeoh) #2

The call is live now!! Add your questions to the etherpad or the chat!

(Akshay) #3

When I read this, I was thinking that Haiyya would be more proactive and jump in to kickstart activities.

But throughout the call, the tone has been that Haiyya would be a passive resource which has to be utilized by volunteers.

If we had that much self-motivation, we would not have been in this position at the first hand.

(Trishul Goel) #4

Is Haiyya still active? Haven’t heard them for long.
I would really love if anyone from Haiyya can tell us (Mozilla India) what exactly they did in past few months.

We had multiple campaigns in India

  • Quantum sprint
  • Rain Of Rust
  • Webextension activities

I didn’t find Haiyya involved in any (specifically Quantam sprint as it was supposed to be huge). So again my question, what exactly Haiyya is doing?

[Please ignore this if we already have moved away from transparent communication.]