Switch visibility

This option could be very helpful. Imagine I’m working with two containers activated. Now I can click on switch visibility and select container I would like to work. Imagine second situation, where I have displayed only one container. I can hide it and select on switch visibility button to see all containers.

We already have a hide container option, are you asking for different behaviour?

My idea is about toggle visibility of each container by single click.

By single click you mean once you already have the panel open?

So the change would be to move this button to the primary page?

I think it’s something like tab groups.

Pythius are right. I mean you single click on button at top of containers window and each container visibility will be toggle.

I’m not sure this would be possible currently due to the performance of hiding these tabs.

Sea Containers works like this but currently extensions can’t hide the tab strip.

I have also requested the ability for containers to hide tabs, which there is this ability internally which would be far more performance friendly.

Any idea why I can’t see this option? I really want to use this feature but can’t understand the UX for the life of me.

I want to maintain a work and home container that I can quickly toggle between. So I can turn my laptop to home mode at the end of the day. I want to keep my tab session seperate between home and work.

Your screenshot shows that you have one tab opened in the Personal container. If you click on “Personal” you will go to that tab. If you click precisely on the “1” figure or on the arrow, you will enter the Personal Container view. There, you’ll have a list of open tabs, and the option to “hide this container”.