Syntax 0.7 RFC2 until Thursday, August 16

(Staś Małolepszy) #1

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first Syntax 0.7 RFC period. This is an announcement for the second one!

Two issues from the last period have seen comments and concerns which need more time to address and fix.

  • Preserve the localizer-originating indent in multiline text. (#162)
    • I wrote down a summary of the current state of the discussion in the comment.
  • Restrict variant names to identifiers and numbers. (127)
    • I proposed next steps for this proposal in the comment.

Related to the indentation discussion is a new proposal which we’d like to consider in the scope of Syntax 0.7 scope:

  • Drop tab, use only spaces for syntax whitespace. (#165)

I’d like to hear your thoughts on these three proposals. I’m waiting for feedback until Thursday next week, August 16.

As a reminder, the status of the Syntax 0.7 milestone is tracked in the project board on GitHub.