Syntax 0.9 RFC1 until February 8

(Staś Małolepszy) #1

Syntax 0.9 is the last planned release of the Fluent Syntax spec before version 1.0 is published at the end of March. No syntax changes are planned in this milestone; its focus is on AST clean-ups, AST improvements and AST ergonomics. If all goes according to this plan, 1.0 will be published with no changes in the spec compared to 0.9.

You can consult the list of changes that already landed and those which are currently being considered at I’m looking for feedback about the proposed clean-ups, as well as for ideas for other improvements to the AST.

If you’ve worked with Fluent parsers and AST in the past, this is the right moment to share your thoughts about the experience, and suggest improvements.

On Friday next week I’ll triage the proposed changes. If the feedback is largely in favor, I’ll start implementing them. Otherwise, I’ll schedule another round of comments or drop the unpopular proposals.


(Zibi Braniecki) #2

Looks great to me, Stas! Thanks!