Tab Colour Wont Change, No Footer Graphic

(BobbyKatLittleCub) #1

Hi, I can’t seem to get the tab colour to stay anything other than white. Also, I never see the footer graphic, Is there some setting somewhere? I have Firefox 54.0.1.

(Pamela Rosensteel) #2

Hi! The default for Firefox these days (as far as I know) does not show the footer area. I always liked having it there so I use the add-on Classic Theme Restorer to bring it back.

That add-on also has some settings in it to make adjustments to the tabs as well. Not sure about the color part of it though. But it might be something worth checking into though.

(BobbyKatLittleCub) #3

Thank you! That is a big help!

Now, does anyone know how to solve the tab colour / background?


One of the options in CTR is to change the tab color.

Please note that R54 is well on the way towards making
CTR and other legacy add-ons unusable - scheduled to
happen in R57.

Also note: R54 is the last release that will allow you to
go back to R52esr. R55 will make changes in the profile
which will be incompatible with R52esr. See below.

Installing R52esr over R54 has been done without problems:

However, going back from R55 cannot be done directly: