TabBar relocation for UX & a11y -- option for directly above window port

Started testing Proton here for a test grp of ~20 ppl.

prior UserChrome CSS tweaks have been removed.

Mixed reviews, mostly personal prefs issues rather than functional gripes.

ONE issue keeps coming up … for users in general, and specificaly for a11y issues.

Tabs below bookmarks.
Or, more accurately, Tabs DIRECTLY above window port.

The primary, most frequent user interaction is between current active tab, and other existing tabs. I.e., tab switching.

The ‘travel’ required to nav from window port to tabs should be minimal & unobstructed.

Current Proton design requires transiting across bookmarks & search bar.
At best, wasted motion. At worst, srsly complicating a11y movements.

A simple option (keep the default as you like) to MOVE THAT TAB BAR back to directly above the window port is requested.

Here are the necessary CSS customizations to move the tab bar below the url toolbar:

“here” where? I tried that CSS and it breaks everything

Well, first of all: Thanks for the detailed error report. “Breaks everything” is definitely something I can work with. /s

Second: This is the specific styling that moves the tab bar below the nav bar.
EDIT: The styling is macOS specific at this time but I guess it could be adapted for other environments.