Tabs.query doesn't return unloaded tabs in Firefox for Android

So I’m trying to get my addon Tab Kraken ready for Android. It’s a simple add on that helps you look at statistics for your open tabs and identify duplicate tabs, for people like me who have a problem with collecting tabs.

The web extensions API call I use is simply browser.tabs.query({}), but unlike on Firefox for desktop it’s not returning unloaded tabs in the list. Just trying to sanity check if this is intended behaviour or a bug in the android implementation of the API.

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That is indeed how it works in Android, at least based on what I remember before the big “fenix” update (when addons worked on Android).
So let’s see, here it was originally reported:

And the bugzilla issue is now here:

I wanted to say “make sure to vote for the issue” but I don’t see the vote button, hmm… :smiley:.