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Hi everyone,

As you might have noticed, I’ve really been digging in to Trello and how to best organize it so that we get the most out of it. It’s a work in progress of course, so I decided to start this topic to track best practices as we establish, modify and outright abandon them for others. I’m also open for suggestion of course.

As promised, here is the link: MCWS Team Planning


Using lists as well, lists. High level categories or buckets, not as statuses.

There will be a Done list each month that will be archived to hide completed items, eg “Done Dec 2017.”


Currently using as “Epic” level. See also Checklists. The card is the goal, rather than individual tasks. Don’t split up work across cards (though blocking work, or new work that is possible once the work is accomplished does go on other cards).

Note that this is not true on sub-boards, where cards are used to break up the work more granularly.

Challenges identified with this approach:

only one due date per card - change the due date after the first deadline is met?


Use checklists to break the work into the tasks. Use multiple checklists if the work is more like an Epic than a story. Assign different tasks to different team members by “@” mentioning them on the list item.

Progress on each card can then be tracked by the indicator on the card of how many checklist items have been completed.


Take me - a contribution opportunity that is ready for people to work on it. Please ask how you can get started with it/offer to help anyone who is already working on it.

“Functional areas” - we have some labels to indicate the area the work involves, eg WPEngine and GSuite

“To Do” - tasks that we’ve identified as needing action in the short term.

Status labels eg “To Do” “In Progress” “Done” - I am leaning towards abandoning these labels except “To Do” in favour of checklists and due dates, also to free up labels for functional areas.

Thanks for summarizing this. As this is a public post, would it make sense to link to the Trello board itself? Maybe that could be read-only?

I think this would give a good overview of what the MCWS team is currently working on and helps to promote the cause.

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We have a few more posts in the works that will give more context to the board. I would like to get those up first to head off questions they will answer. Things are moving fairly quickly at the moment and wouldn’t want to leave people hanging.

I’ll keep you accountable for this then :slight_smile:

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Appreciate that! I probably would forget.

Updated the top post to include the link to the board.