TechFun4All - Accessibility in Technology and Digital Making

This session is facilitated by Eddie Rose, Debs Rose

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About this session

The session will be delivered by Eddie (aged 14) who will deliver a short talk about his TechFun4All initiative. This was built upon his discovery that technology could be a really effective escape from his medical condition/disability, instead of other pastimes undertaken by young people his age, such as playing sport, which he mostly can’t do, or playing video games, which he doesn’t find positive or rewarding. He will then explain the steps is taking, and would like to take with TechFun4All to reach out to the disabled community, and help them get started with digital making and technology.

Then, participants will then take part in a facilitated discussion about various aspects of accessibility and disabilities in technology and digital making, covering topics such as the technology used to help those struggling with disabilities, and how to break away from the stigma of disabilities.

Goals of this session

In the session, we will discuss accessibility and disability in technology and digital making, and hopefully this will be the start of a group of like-minded and engaged people to help push the various aspects of digital making amongst disabled communities.

Finally! Session notes are here:

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