Temporary add-on not writing to storage.sync?

I have a add-on under development loaded into FF as a temporary extension. I am trying to write to the storage.sync using the set() method. I get no errors however on a successive read operation my data is not in the storage.
Is this expected behavior because temporary add-ons cannot store data in the sync storage?

Could you write exact steps you do? Ideally with the code you execute.
The sync storage should work fine even with temp. addons. Even if you are not logged in your Firefox Account. However in that case the data are stored only locally just like the storage.local.

You will have to explicitly set an extension ID for storage.sync to work: https://extensionworkshop.com/documentation/develop/extensions-and-the-add-on-id/#when-do-you-need-an-add-on-id

Hi all, and thanks for your answers. I confirm that writing to the sync storage works with a temporary add-on. Yes, the explicitly set extension ID is necessary (thanks @freaktechnik) but that was already in place before. It was not working for me because I forgot an ‘await’ on a call previous to the write call which was checking if the data was already in the storage. So basically, my bad. But thanks for the confirmation. It made me look through my code again and pinpoint the mistake.