Temporary Community Hosting

(Tom Farrow) #1

So we have some OVH shared plans that I want to phase as much as we can before we renew because they can’t be renewed for 2 months, we have to pay for a whole year

We need some temporary solution to host them

Since this is only for 3 months, it doesn’t need to be scalable. Should aim to be able to host 10 sites


  • Host 10 sites
  • Allow community to make changes to code
  • MySQL + PHP
  • Easy to setup

My proposal
Just 2 simple linux servers running nginx + PHP. Git repo for each site that site owners can edit. PHP script on server to run git pull, setup to be ran on both servers using github when changes are made

For the database, RDS would work

Nothing fancy here, it just works.

(Tanner Filip) #2

How difficult would it be to setup something like OpenShift or Dokku for this? Might be easier than trying to make our own solution in a short period of time.