Temporary extension and private browsing

Hi Everyone!

Is there a way to grant to temporary installed extensions the private browsing permissions?

In particular, i’m trying to test my extension that use the proxy api and I obviously receive Error: proxy.settings requires private browsing permission.

so, How can I allow my extension to work in private browsing?

You have to go to the Add-ons page to set it after you load the extension.

Hey tankado,
Assuming you’ve continued development on your extension, what was your workflow? Did you register a beta version of your extension to get a signed version or did you figure out a workaround to get private browsing permission?

I’ve submitted a beta version of my work, but it’s taking some time and I want to develop quickly.

Hi, I solved as jscher2000 suggested.

Then, in my workflow I use web-ext to run the browser passing as argumenst my extension folder and the profile folder where I enabled manually the private browsing permission.

My extension is for personal use, I have never submitted a beta.