Test Pilot Program Progress Update: week ending 2018-08-24

TL;DR: all GREEN, one hiccup with Send, see below.

Test Pilot

  • Q3 OKRs are set and have been migrated into Airtable.

  • Tied up a chunk of the team for the better part of a day.

  • Upgraded to webpack 4.

  • GitHub tells me that from 2018-08-17 through 2018-08-24

  • Excluding merges, 16 authors have pushed 33 commits to master and 53 commits to all branches. On master, 134 files have changed and there have been 17,610 additions and 17,328 deletions.

  • Of those commits, 8 were made by external contributors.

Cloud Storage Shield Study

  • Preliminary findings were presented 2018-07-23.

  • 8800 respondents

  • 97% response rate

  • Google Drive, then Dropbox, then Microsoft One Drive, then iCloud.

  • Final report was expected 2018-08-03; it is in progress, but not ready to be shared outside of the team.

  • Determining next steps for this project, including what team should own this feature.


  • Randomize button and palette generator merged into the Custom background image PR.

  • Custom background imagesupport is close to complete.

  • Dashboard created for up-to-date metrics.

  • Proposal written for simplifying and merging all 3 Firefox theming mechanisms into one.

Email Tabs

  • Preliminary schedule created:

  • UX spec due: 2018-09-04.

  • Handoff for QA and UR: 2018-09-18.

Laserlike, aka Advance

  • Launched 2018-08-07.


  • Planning for potential transfer of Notes out of Test Pilot to Alex Davis’ team.

  • Shipped version 1.1 of the Notes Androidapp.

  • This uses one of our Rust components in the background to perform authentication actions for Firefox Accounts.

  • The Rust components can be cross-compiled for different environments such as Android, iOS and desktop operating systems. This way we don’t have to rewrite and maintain several copies of the same authentication logic in different languages.

  • Updated daily usage statistics since the mobile launch:


  • In progress:

  • Integrating Android and web with FxA.

  • Discussions regarding file size transfer limits and FxA tiers.

  • Different expirations and FxA tiers.

  • Synced file list.

  • Send Android choo patch is merged.

  • New designer on board; doing pass on mobile designs.

  • Release likely delayed until 64 goes live due to streams API dependencies.

Side View

  • Working to get Side View into Shield; PHD written.

  • Shield PHD reviewed 2018-08-08, updates completed.

  • Engineering work (metrics, onboarding) needed for Shield study.


  • Team is working on a new concept, based on the discussions in the monthly MoCo meeting.

  • Max/diff survey results are in.

  • Beginning discussions with outside teams to discuss overlap, plans, etc.