Test Pilot Program Status: week ending 2018-08-03


Test Pilot

  • Pushed a release to production 2018-08-01.

  • Included updated translations.

  • Several metrics bugs squashed.

  • Q3 OKRs are being proposed and refined.

Cloud Storage

  • Shield Study: launched 2018-06-28.

  • End date for the study was 2018-07-16. It is self-expiring and users are being unenrolled.

  • Preliminary findings were presented 2018-07-23.

  • 8800 respondents

  • 97% response rate

  • Google Drive, then Dropbox, then Microsoft One Drive, then iCloud.

  • Final report expected 2018-08-03.

  • Determining next steps for this project.


  • Continuing to work on custom backgrounds in Color, just got drag & drop working.

  • Adding pagination to pre-set themes.

  • Working on addressing performance issues; one significant bug was identified.

  • Working through new designs and use cases so this can eventually replace Personas Plus.

  • Red-lined design spec is being completed.

  • Dashboard for up-to-date metrics is live.

Email Tabs

  • Designs are still being iterated through.

  • Metrics spec’d out, need to be implemented.

  • Open questions about email templates (how to design, what types to include).

  • Possible end of summer release; reviewing schedules and dependencies.


  • Work kicked off on the Android app this week.

  • iOS retrospective scheduled for mid-August.


  • Google Play store shows over 10K installs.

  • Feedback from surveys rolling in: checklists are most requested feature. Updated stats as of 2018-07-30:


  • iOS prototype status: fully working, including sending files using the share panel.

  • Split mobile UI spec into separate tickets so work can get started: 13 issues in Android project.

  • Focus is on Android, iOS lower priority (no change, just calling it out).

  • Close to pushing the new browser UI; it’s up on the Send2 dev server. Looking really good.

  • Proposed beta release mid-September when 63 is in beta.

Side View

  • ~6500 users.

  • Led to ~12k+ more Test Pilot installs.

  • 20K+ referrals from a snippet that pointed to the Mozilla blog that was posted 2018-07-10.

  • Working to get Side View into Shield; PHD written and submitted for review.

  • Tentatively scheduled for Shield review 2018-08-08.

  • Engineering work (metrics, onboarding) anticipated for Shield study.


  • Team is working on a new concept, based on the discussions in the monthly MoCo meeting.

  • Preliminary max/diff survey is almost live.

  • Beginning discussions with outside teams to discuss overlap, plans, etc.