Test Pilot Program Update: week ending 2018-07-20

Test Pilot

  • Launched both Lockbox and Notes on the Test Pilot platform, 2018-07-10.

  • Biggest referrer on launch day was the story on blog.mozilla.org.

  • Planning for the second half of 2018 in progress.

  • Prepping for a Screenshots release the week of 2018-07-23.

Cloud Storage

  • Shield Study: launched 2018-06-28.

  • End date for the study was 2018-07-16. It is self-expiring and users are being unenrolled.

  • Findings will be presented 2018-07-23.


  • Getting more things working on the React/Redux side with the background images. Almost have reordering working so we can eventually hook up drag & drop.

  • Working through new designs and use cases so this can eventually replace Personas Plus.

Email Tabs

  • Working on acceptance criteria and experiment definition.


  • Expanded release to en global (was en_US) on 2018-07-18.

  • Work will begin on the Android app at the end of July.


  • Launched mobile Android app in the Google Play Store on 2018-07-10, 6am Pacific.

  • Firefox twitter account tweeted about Notes on 2018-07-17.

  • Meeting with Android component folks and will try to add it into the app and hopefully solve a bunch of Chrome/system browser issues.

  • Feedback from surveys rolling in: checklists are most requested feature.


  • Streaming now works in Nightly with flags.

  • Proposal to support multiple files and now those are handled (.zip?).

  • Support for up to 4G zip file size; majority of competitors only support up to 2G.

  • Decision: start with single file uploads for v1.

  • Updated Android APK is available.

  • Merging service workers into v next.

Side View

  • ~6500 users.

  • Led to ~12k more Test Pilot installs.

  • 20K referrals from a snippet that pointed to the Mozilla blog that was posted 2018-07-10.

  • Working to get Side View into Shield; PHD written and submitted for review.