Test post for Mixed Reality

Don’t mind me, just trying to see if Discourse is a good fit for the Mixed Reality team.


Testing replies. How deep can this go?

What you want to check out is related topics. We use them in the Mozilla Communities Web Services category for our meetups.

Oh the places you can go.

Who does one talk to to get new Categories and sub categories (esp private ones) created, do you know?

I’m going to reply to this and then observe what Discourse’s UI does.

Ah, you can click on a post’s date and then “Reply as linked topic”. That’s cool, thanks.
It looks like Admins are allowed to “Split” posts out of an existing topic too.

You file the request in Bugzilla.

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@blair specifically with this form: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/form.csa.discourse

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Bug filed! Thanks @leo and @majken !

Aha, so am I replying to your specific post?

It seems I did. Also image uploads work but don’t try to do things too quickly or you’ll get warned.

Got another tip from discourse.


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I do like this suggestion. I think you can click on a quote to go back to the original post.

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