Test your skills: Arrays3

Hi @samcesa45!

I’m assuming you’ve tried to do one of our assessments and want it assessed, or want some help. Do you have a link to your version of the code that you can share with me, so I can see how well you have done?


This is just our assessment page. Have you got a link to your code ?

No can i type it here and send it?

I’d rather you didn’t do that — it takes me ages to set up an example and test the code (I have to do many of these every day).

It would be best if you put your working example in an online editor, as described at https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/JavaScript/First_steps/Test_your_skills:_Arrays#Assessment_or_further_help, and then sent me the link to your working code so I can look at it.