Test your skills: Media Queries and Responsive Design

I just finished media queries. Can I get some feedback on this skills test? I think it’s right. I know there isn’t one right answer. I just want to make sure I’m on the right track with these as I move on.

The developer tools were a massive help in this exercise. It was easier to find the thin white borders on top of the links in order for me to make them go away on a larger screen to make it resemble the example. being able to click throught the diffeent size screens was ver helpful.

I kept the minimum width large enough for the layout of the page to look the same until the screen size became a laptop size after playing around with different widths. It looks the same on a tablet in portrait mode as it would on a smart phone.


Please and Thank you!

Hi there @boknowpyro !

I’ve had a look over this, and the result looks really good. It’s a bit different to our answer, but the result is pretty much the same.

I’m glad you got to grips with making effective use of the DevTools in working on such things — they really are invaluable.

Thanks for the reply! my confidence is starting to build as i go through these lessons.