Text without shadow

Would it be possible for the techs make it so theme developers could have the option of having “no shadow” for all the text colors? So many colors that would work for a theme look great when you test it but look terrible when it is actually on line as a theme.

Is this something that Firefox Color can do, or is it not supported for themes at all right now?

I have never found an option for text shadow in Firefox Color. I don’t use FC to make themes but was hoping for an option in the Theme Submission!

According to the docs the way this works is that you don’t get text shadows if there’s no header image:

Note also that in Firefox 60 onwards, any text-shadow applied to the header text is removed if no headerURL is specified

But if you are using a theme, there is a header image…so the text will have a shadow! Is that correct?

There doesn’t have to be a header image, but if you want to have one you also get text shadows. That’s how it’s documented.

Would it be possible for a theme designer to choose if the text had a shadow or not?