The Black Mirror Writers' Room

This session is facilitated by Casey Fiesler

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About this session

Participants choose current technologies that they find ethically troubling, and speculate about what the next stage of that technology might be. We work collaboratively as if we were science fiction writers, and use a combination of creative writing and ethical speculation to consider what protagonist and plot would be best suited to showcase potential negative consequences of this technology. We plot episodes - but then also consider what steps we might take now (in regulation, technology design, social change) that might result in NOT getting to this negative future. We create plot summaries mocked up to look like Black Mirror episode decks, so that they can be shared widely. I use this exercise in teaching; here is a recent example:

Goals of this session

To provide participants with a creative experience in thinking through the ethical implications of technology, and to create artifacts that can be shared more broadly to provoke further reflection