The Blacklisting of Chinese Firm Huawei in the American Empire

After POTUS Trump blacklisted Huawei, a €100 bill./per year company, many asked: Where is this going?

The ongoing trade war between the U.S., China, U.S.-allies and others (Venezuela, Turkey, Persia, etc.) has prompted many companies to reconsider their licensing schemes and possible vulnerabilities.

The “open source” Android OS is available to blacklisted companies only in a limited form which makes it non-viable for Huawei probably.

Many have discussed the impact of such U.S. practices on other “free” software projects beyond Android, such as PureOS.

Will a POTUS or anybody be able to limit usage of software made by Mozilla? Can such a prospect be ruled out for good? I used to like to think “yes it can be ruled out” but maybe I’ll find myself doing some wishful thinking right there.