The discussion & review workshop of Draft Convergence Bills in Taiwan

(Irvin Chen) #1

Here I wanna to share an exciting event we will host this Saturday (Feb 18) in Mozilla Taipei Community Space - The discussion & review workshop of Draft Convergence Bills in Taiwan.

NCC (Taiwan version of FCC) had drafted two new digital convergence bills, currently under public consultation, which will be our most important acts of internet governance and telecommunication.

There are regulation about net neutrality, transparency of traffic adjustment and public multistakeholder approach, as well as regulation related to national security and DMCA-like takedown in the draft acts.

We TW community had co-work with TAHR (Taiwan Association of Human Right) and Net Neutrality advocacy community to host this event. We will lead the discussion line by line through the whole draft bills, and hope to create an opinion note and submit to legislator and NCC afterward.

Until now there are already more than 30 people registered include the people from NCC and civil society. I feel this will be our most important event on Advocacy and internet policy for quite a while.

We will live broadcasting the events, and I will share photos and event back with you all after Saturday.

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(Irvin Chen) #2

We had a very great event in last Saturday. There are more than 30 people joined the event (including government author of the draft bills), from a diverse background - college students, law background volunteers, civil societies, tech non-profit organizations, telecommunication company staff and government officers.

More than 20 visitors are on their first time to visit Mozilla Community Space - so we also successfully introduce our culture and mission to them.

We had read through the whole “數位通訊傳播法” (Digital Communication Bill) and many important clauses of “電信管理法” (Telecommunication Administration Bill). The discussion had last 5.5 hours (it was planning to be 3 hours).

The event had been fully recorded, and live broadcasting over Facebook (on “Net Neutrality Into Law” community) and Youtube (under Mozilla Taiwan Community’s channel).

We had discussed and enforcement our support over many policies and governance topics, includes Net Neutrality, Non-Discrimination, Zero-Rating, Fast Lane, Multi-stakeholder Governance, Transparent over Traffic Management, Transparent Report and Manila Principles.

We had come up 50-thousand words meeting notes over the bills, with many suggestions around each clause for the NCC and the author.

It’s a new approach that none of us is legit background, but we can still read the clauses, discuss and influence the policy of the internet. And what we did will eventually drive those principles into final acts, and help protect the future of the local internet. No doubt we will continue fighting for it.

Long long meeting notes

Video record of the whole event

Photos (#moztwconvergenceacts)