The frustration and gratitude thread

(Lyre Calliope) #1

Earlier today I started writing a blogpost that’s turned into an angry rant. At this point I don’t think publishing it is the best thing to do, but I do think it’s important to acknowledge how I’m feeling right now and share it.

In 2014, I went far too long without expressing my Mozilla frustrations and it left me feeling exhausted and disenfranchised. I had to take 7 months away from engaging Mozilla in any way. I’d like not to go through that again, thus this thread.

I have a very high tolerance for bs at Mozilla, and so if I’m feeling angry and frustrated, so must other people! So, let’s get it all out together on this thread.

Before I get a few things off my chest, I’d like to ask a few things of everyone who participates here:

2. Avoid airing grievances that are targeted at a specific person.
3. Don’t write here if you expect a response or change from the organization. Do write here if you need to get things off your chest: your own response for inner change. My intention for this thread is to be a place for shared personal healing.
4. If you’re able, find a place of gratitude. What’s the silver lining to your frustration that keeps you coming back to Mozilla.

So, I’ll start!

I’m frustrated about the culture of sweeping failure under the rug at Mozilla. This keeps us from growing together and learning from our mistakes at all levels of the organization.

Today I realized I’m guilty of perpetuating this culture. I’m afraid of speaking my truth for the betterment of the organization because I’ve seen other people get burnt and lose social standing and capital because of it.

(Lyre Calliope) #2

Whoops! Accidentally posted before I was done!

I’m frustrated that I see the same patterns happen over and over again across Mozilla. I know I’m not the only one who keeps getting burnt, and I think we need to figure out how to collectively deal with the underlying problems leading to these patterns.

I’m frustrated at the lack of agency I feel from staff. Volunteers often feel disempowered when engaging staff, but I don’t think they see that front-line staff often feel the same! The frustration that the community feels, I’ve heard coming from staff as well. We’re all in this together and sometimes we don’t even recognize just how much this is true.

I’m thankful for the Participation team! I think they’re kicking some serious ass this year with what they’ve been given. I’m thankful that George and others are opening doors for the Participation team and the Participation leaders. I’m frustrated that it feels like senior leadership still doesn’t get it and I’m still afraid that the Participation team is being set of for some of the same failure that plagued the Community Building Team. I hope this doesn’t end up being the case.

This one will be controversial, but I’m thankful for the pivot away from the Firefox OS strategy. I’m frustrated about how it was handled, and I’m super frustrated that it took this many years for it to happen. I think this was the right move, but far later than it should have been.

I’m frustrated that the organization thinks that the new Connected Devices strategy will give us first mover advantage on IoT. We’re last again just like we were with Firefox OS. That doesn’t mean we’re set up for failure, but we need to have project level strategic narratives with self-awareness otherwise it’ll be hard to mobilize the base. The community can see right through this because Mozilla’s talked this talk before.

I’m thankful about the new hires to Mozilla Corporation leadership in the past year or so! They’re all pretty awesome! But I am afraid that they will continue to not engage community in exactly the same way as previous leaders. They may be leading MoCo, but I want to see them truly participating in Mozilla. By closing the gap in shared understanding, we can force multiply each other in ways we currently are not.

Ok, I feel better now.

(Mijanur Rahman) #3

Many thanks @CaptainCalliope :+1:
After reading your every lines, I also feel better now :hamburger:

(Akshay) #5

I’m so frustrated that in the last many months I’ve done nothing towards Mozilla mission. Because

  • I got busy in life
  • during the free time I do get, I feel like there’s no opportunity to contribute.

I’m lost inside Mozilla like a bottle in the sea. When there’s activity in a Mozilla group chat I feel like that person in a party who is just physically present in a party but mentally pre-occupied. There’s nothing to do.