The Goose and the Gander

After learning of the issue surrounding a particular add-on that I and others have used for years to organize our websites, I had no choice but to come to the conclusion that Mozilla did the right thing, and that privacy should always be paramount.
I myself have already begun the process of bailing on US-based email services and will happily pay a small monthly stipend to keep our increasingly nosy state and federal governments away from my most sensitive projects.

It is my hope that with Guurgle clearly beginning a mass-supplanting of MS IE as the browser of business and state, Mozilla will focus on joining with other worldwide companies and interests in the creation of web-based systems and applications that give investigators the world over no choice but to submit 100% legitimate documentation to said companies if they want to know what people are doing via a 3rd party-monitored and supervised information search.

Are secure browsers and apps worth paying a few dollars for? Of course they are. I shouldn’t even have to ask that. So unless you tightwads out there want to end up in a cell one day, you have no right to steer opinion toward keeping things free when we have some great minds out there that can create TRUE freedom for ALL of us.

So Mozilla, take out the garbage where you find it; you’re doing us all a service. BUT, you also need to step up and lead the way in combating the insanity of our “brave new world”.

Thank you,


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