The Mozilla discourse-group-category-notification plugin

Hi, I’m not sure who best to contact about this but thought I would post here since there is no Issues tab in the GitHub repo for I’m a Discourse developer in the UK. I guess I’m paging @leo who is the only committer on that repo.

I was made aware of this plugin by a colleague at in the context of large bulk signups to fora for COVID-19 support and needing to a) automatically sort them into Groups in Discourse and then b) make certain Groups watch certain Categories.

I’ve had the same need in the past and I wrote a messy little plugin for it:

It’s not very elegant, settings are hardcoded. It runs as a scheduled job and sets CategoryUser s according to the scheme you set. It does all types of notification level including Mute, Watching First Post, etc. I’m working on adding an Admin UI to this so that you could set the default Watching/Muting/etc statuses for each group in the Group settings pages.

I guess I just wanted to let @leo know about this plugin and wondered if we might be able to work together and merge the ideas of both. I’ve encountered this exact user need in a number of Discourses, so it is worth having one good plugin for it.