The much awaited provisional meta team meeting

(Kaustav Das Modak) #1

Friends, Mozillians and Cybermen,

After a lot of nudge, push and shove in all the reachable dimensions, we have a call of the provisional meta team this evening, November 25 at 6pm IST. All credits go to Subhashish for coordinating this.

As with the previous meetings, we will live stream the meeting, so that others can join in and listen. Here are your links:

If there are any particular things that you want to discuss/or want to be discussed, feel free to add to the Etherpad.

Yours ${!false}ly,


(Subhashish Panigrahi) #2

Hello Indian Mozillians,

First of all apologies that it took some time for us to get back with some clear updates.

The Provisional Meta Team had a call last Friday (Notes on Etherpad, Discussion on YouTube). Below are some quick updates from the meeting:

  • There has been long gap after the Pune meetup for the actual restructure to happen. Both the Team members and some community members have tried to have some dialog around this. We took into account the challenges the Team has faced, need of the hour and are planning to have an open call for the restructuring.

  • We would like to invite you all to participate in the process by signing up here.

  • The sign up process is to learn about aligning your interest with the future teams. The form in the link above will capture many essential things that will help the restructuring process. And you can choose to be anonymous while sharing ideas and/or any strategy and/or process-level input.

Ideally, we will keep this Call For Participation open for a longer time so that anyone can join any team without much hassle. To start with, we will consider the applications received by December 13 for this phase of the restructuring. Based on your applications you will be part of forming different teams. Once the teams take control over their own strategy and activities, the applications received after December 13 will be forwarded to the respective teams/groups.

All the applications will eventually be shared publicly. Those who do no want their names to be publicly visible can opt for the same while signing up.

We are going to update most of the important outcomes on GitHub, and will also create a FAQ which will capture many of the important questions you all have asked in different occasions.

Please let us know if you need any clarifications or want to share anything else.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

(Subhashish Panigrahi) #3

Dear all,

We have a quick update to share before this year ends.

There is some good progress with the community restructuring process – thanks to all those who participated in sharing their ideas for activities.

We have now a landing wiki that will serve as a canonical platform. This page has a brief summary of the entire process and its outcome. We would love to hear your inputs to better it.

The Discussion page of the same wiki has details of all the teams. Each of the Functional and Focus team has their own page e.g. this. These team pages are owned by the respective team members. Each team can list down the active team members, share their strategy, goals, activities, and reports, etc. The provisional meta team would love to help set up a centralized form-based sign up process that will help each team recruit new members to the community.

We have added all the community members that had participated in the first round of the ideation exercise into different teams that they showed interest in. But many of you who did not participate earlier can still fill out the form [4] or share directly in the discussion page under the “Ideas” section.

Please feel free to add yourself to the functional/focus groups in the team pages based on the activities you are already doing and are interested to participate in the future. Though there is no limit to how much one can contribute by being part of many teams, you might want to prioritize and join two-three teams to start with.

We are committed to bring diversity and inclusion as a major outcome of this process. So, please encourage your fellow Mozillians, especially those who shy away from sharing publicly, to participate and share their ideas here and join their teams in the team page e.g. this.

Now that there is a public wiki, please feel free to share with the provisional meta team any questions/concerns you might have.

Last but not the least, four Mozillians have showed interest to join the provisional meta team and offer their support to better this exercise. We are working on creating a process to learn about their abilities to take active lead on some upcoming tasks.

The provisional meta team, as you might have observed from earlier discussions, will lead into creating a permanent meta team. We are yet to finalize on the actual process but will surely share when we have something solid.

Please do reach out to me if you would like to share/discuss anything with me. My contact details are in my sign.

Thank you all and wish you a very happy new year in advance!