The new add-on site is lacking all the useful info like: tags, suggestions etc


(Nick Laing) #1

Seriously Mozilla, i’m trying like hell to get used to this ‘web extensions’ thing forced on us, but you arent making it easy to find replacements, or even motivate/encourage developers to port, or more than often re-write a timeless add-on for your hyped new browser.

Arghh. Been 20 years…maybe its time. Youve changed maeng. Totally sacrificing security for functionality\popularity. Soon you wont have to worry about security at all because no hacker will bother targeting exploits for dying user base. (sorry, just venting).

(Caitlin Neiman) #2

Hey @fatnick, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Are there any particular extensions you are trying to replace? We do have some tools for finding compatible replacements, but we’re also happy to help look for specifics.

We may be able to implement tags on later this year. Could you elaborate what you mean by ‘suggestions’?

(Mironf) #3

I agree with @fatnick. New AMOsite is lacking in useful features which old site had. Tags is are the most important in finding similar add-on. Also hiding add-on description behind click is super bad idea. (There is to much white space) . Same situation with reviews. I can’t find sane reason why this things are hidden. Somebody really buggered up this design. I’m still using old version which is far more better.