The new version of Thunderbird

Dear fellows,
since years we work in our company with TB - we were always really satisfied and we all the time have trusted that “automatic updating”! We could sort/handle all messages on base of our purposes (we have altogether 10 E-Mail-accounts) and all folder and subfolder are very well distinguished!

Suddenly, with that new update to version 78XXX, the whole view were different, totally confusing and no longer clear! All our folder and subfolder had the same design! Terrible! All e-mail-address in our address-book were irretrievable vanished!

After a big work we could change back to version 68XXX and now we have a very good functioning TB again (the address-book has to be rebuild step by step), we have set the automatic update offline - and we NEVER (I repeat: NEVER !!!) will update to such a bullshit as version 78XXX!

Unfortunately, TB is annoying us continuously (and very tricky) with messages to update to that terrible bad version 78XXX! Why??? We all hate version 78XXX and we want to stay with 68XXX! We wish, we could avoid these messages!

Of course, we are interested in all kind of news - but now we are very, very carefully and would test a new version only on an old and online computer with pseudo email-addresses.

With kind greetings from Germany,
Uto Gerlach