The Storm: A Diverse and Safe Internet with Women in LatAm

This session is facilitated by Alexandra Argüelles, Anaiz Zamora, Samantha Camacho

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About this session

We will present “La Tormenta” (The Storm), an interdisciplinary effort by 10 women who came from non-tech savvy backgrounds working on grassroots advocacy, journalism, activism and human rights defense, and our group of 10 women from different tech-communities (which provide a feminist, intersectional, and critical reflection on the use of technology) who got together to understand how our different experiences as women in Latin America and tech users on the fight for human rights relate: understanding how/where the technologies we use are made, who are they designed by, to whom are their manuals addressed, etc.

We aim to develop new ever-changing ways to inhabit the internet, while figuring out new ways to create safe environments for our information and our communications by also being capable of producing contents that empower our communities, such as the “anti-manual” on identity and anonymity we produced last year.

Goals of this session

In this session we aim to continue a learning and developing process we’ve been working on from Mexico City, prior to the Tor Meeting that was held there in October 2018 (

This sessions seeks to answer -by sharing experiences and points of view with the participants- two main questions:

  1. Which are the most common challenges human rights activists, journalists, and researchers in your region/country/community face regarding their internet use?
  2. Worldwide, violence against women is occupying the digital spaces too. Are there any gender-based online violence resources you know of?