The Strategy to Optimally Design Computers is the Purpose of the Computer-Science Society

We all have encountered problems with how software functions by its weak design, and often the same problems persist for many designs
It is a cornerstone at the foundation of the Computer Science Society to monitor and form some suggestion forum amongst observant and expert citizens, and use a ‘lobby group’ to contact product developers and recommend improvements to their product.

When I log on after a restart, half the time after updating my computer [as a writer I do not want to restart often with dozens of articles open], I have to Update Firefox AGAIN
Like it is absolutely outrageous guys.
So say once a month around the 1st a ‘mass update’ is done - ok fine - but every week?! This is over the top.
Also we can make the design better, by say a ‘load last session’ that opens what u last had open - say it closed by accident - would that not be useful?
A better bookmark system; or am I not able to import what I export by my ignorance - now that would not surprise me = as even getting a contact email to complain about updates here leads to 'Societies easier than suggestions!
I guess I need to be a computer ninja too, instead of just kinda smart!
So that means there is a problem with the layout if the target market struggles to connect
I would like to volunteer with this Computer Science Society to help, as it is a natural link to my Realist Intellectual Society.
Please contact me Firefox and beyond at