The "Structuring Planetary Data" assessment is required

Here is my link

Nice work, @SAY!

Here are some possible improvements:

  • When using <colgroup> we need to address all columns. You will need another <col> at the end with a span of 9.
  • The “Name” column should have scope="col". (It refers to a single column.)
  • “Gas giants” needs scope="rowgroup" (same for “Ice giants”). They refer to two rows each.
  • “Dwarf planets” needs scope="row" (It refers to a single row.)

Not part of the assignment, but I still going to mention it :wink: :
You used align="center" on the title. This attribute is deprecated. Nowadays we would use CSS for that. (which is the topic of the next module). You could put the following code into the CSS pane on CodePen.

h1 {
  text-align: center;

Thanks for the help Michael. Changed the code - errors on the site disappeared. I couldn’t understand the reason. I understand about CSS.

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Yeah, those errors are sometimes cryptic or a bit misleading.