The Thunderbird server is blocking the installation of email account

Could someone help with Thunderbird problem. Attempts have been made to find out this, e.g. A Google expert was not involved but was not successful. This is a new Windows 11 machine on which I installed emails. One gmail and one other email were installed on Thunderbird. But two other gmail accounts could not be installed. They installed Windows Mail on the same machine. Those problematic accounts work well on all my other machines in Thunderbird. Thinderbird is the latest version and in Finnish.

Message 1 in English:
The configuration was found in Mozilla’s ISP database.

Message 2 when you click Finish:
Failed to login to server. Probably the settings, username or password are incorrect.

In the 3 message, The manual settings and the message: The following settings were found by examining the configured server.
But the next message is again like Message 2.