The "visible" member of property descriptions is deprecated, please update your add-on

There are endless messages like this in the LOG. I do not even know from which addon they are coming from. Beside of that all addons are up to date.

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Just knowing where to find the standard with version updates would be nice.

The release notes give an indication, but no good explanation for those of us new to WebThings usage or development.

Release 1.1.0 Latest

  • Migration of back end to TypeScript
  • Removal of 1.0 transition code
  • Removal of router and OpenWrt specific code
  • Security fixes
  • Bug fixes.
  • TLS certificate generation fix
  • New versions of gateway-addon-node and gateway-addon-python

Notes for add-on developers:

  • The visible member of properties in Thing Descriptions is deprecated and no longer observed. It will be removed entirely in a future version, so please filter out properties you don’t want the gateway to display and do not rely on the presence of the visible member in your code as it may result in properties not being displayed.

Hi @D_H and @jkridner,

As it says in the release notes, the visible member of properties in Thing Descriptions has been deprecated and will be removed in future versions. This warning is for add-on developers, to warn them to stop using the deprecated feature.

I can’t tell from the log which add-on is using the deprecated member, so admittedly the error could be more helpful in that regard, but it’s nothing to worry about as a user.

The feature was previously used to make some properties invisible to users, but now all properties are shown to users and add-on developers should just remove them from the Thing Description instead.