Theme color


Sorry for my english, i’ll try to be clear.
Before the update of mozilla firefox 92, i used a theme name “purple by alex” on my PC.

With this theme, the settings or addons or popups windows were dark (what i like)

I’d like to still use this theme, but with the update 92, there is a change, the popups windows went white).

I’d like to know how can I change it (I’m sure it’s possible but I don’t know how).

I precise I try to use the extension named “firefox color” where I recreate the theme manually, but I got another problem (I improve to have the popups windows in dark, but the settings are in light theme), and using “firefox color” does not seem to work well (when windows open, the theme do not open immediately, when I open new tabs, it lags, etc etc…)

Can someone please help me.

To resume, I’d like to use this theme, but have every windows with it, in dark theme (popups, settings, etc…)


I just installed the theme you mention to see what my drop down boxes are and they are black…which I like. I don’t know if it is my Windows settings that make it dark or if you can go into Firefox settings and set it to dark or black. I have been asked this question numerous times and that is all I can tell them. Like I say my drop down boxes are black when I have a dark theme on and white if it is a light theme. So try settings in Firefox and see if changing something works. I also use Dark Mode extension and think that may be an answer for you. I also I hope someone that knows the perfect answer does so I can tell users of themes exactly what to do also! Thanks for using Firefox! :sparkling_heart:

Thx for your answer.
I confirm that if I open the settings, i’m in dark mode.
But if I press on the 3 bars on the right hand corner for example, the pop-up windows is white, not dark.
So if it’s dark for you, it’s probably because of dark mode extension, cause for me dark themes give dark windows, light themes give light windows, but this theme must be a light theme because the pop-ups windows are white (which was not the case before the firefox92 update)

I just checked that 3 bar setting and that drop down is actually white on mine also. I don’t think that drop down has ever changed to dark so I am in a quandary also. I hope the people in the know at Mozilla can answer this question because as I said a lot of people have contacted me regarding this same problem. Keep your fingers crossed! And sorry I couldn’t help you.

with this theme, the 3 bars window is dark.

And before the update of mozilla, the purple theme was “all dark” too, so I’m sure it’s possible. So I got 3 possibilities:

-I use the “violet” theme (which I do now)
-I hope someone make the purple theme with dark windows (I contact the creator but got no answer)
-I find another solution

It’s not big deal tho, so thx for your help